Friday, March 3, 2017

Meeting the Parents, Part 2 - A Photo Story

Prologue: In part 1, Chandra introduced Hakeem to her parents. As Chandra knew he would, Hakeem met with their approval. After leaving Chandra's house, the couple went to Dave and Buster's where Chandra's younger cousin, Caleb, celebrated his 16th birthday. They then drove to Hakeem's house to meet his parents.  By this time, Hakeem's apprehension returned because he knows how strict, and often judgmental, his mother has been about his past girlfriends, his male friends, and everyone with whom he associates. He's hoping for the best because he really likes Chandra and her parents.

Epilogue:  The Williams leave for their dinner date.  Hakeem and Chandra remain behind and watch a repeat of the American Black Film Festival Honors because both are interested in film and TV production.  Afterward, Hakeem drives Chandra home.


Photo stories with dolls are cool.  My hat goes off to those who are able to tell a good story using doll characters and place the dolls in several different settings.  It's a tedious task.

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