Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Little Brother Bernard

Bernard is an 18-inch hand-crocheted doll by Ra'chel Ba'ucham of Creations by Ba'ucham

Bernard is another hand-crocheted doll by Ra'chel Ba'ucham of Creations by Ba'ucham and another one of her creations that I could not resist. When she posted his photos on Facebook, she wrote,

Feeling a little whimsical so I crafted "Bernard." He is a sweet, shy little boy who is bubbling over with character as he shows off his beautiful dread locs. He is 18 inches tall and is a freehand (no pattern) crocheted doll.

I shared Bernard's post in Facebook doll groups thinking someone would purchase him before I gave in to my urge to do so.

With an unused gift card sitting on my keyboard that my son had given me, the temptation was just too much.  Within a few hours, I sent a message to Ra'chel to "hold him for me."  What two things do you not do to an incurable collector:  give her money and show her a doll that she will love.

Bernard was calling my name, so I listened.

Like his sisters CoCo and Precious, Bernard arrived with a certificate of authenticity that states he is a 1 of 1.  His description is recorded in my records as follows:

18-inch hand-crocheted doll has mostly black yarn hair styled in dread locs, some locs accented with cowrie shells; a few are brown. Has black eyes, a stitched nose and mouth, dimpled cheeks. Wears crocheted-on clothing of gold hoodie, denim-blue pants, burgundy sneakers with white soles. Ribbon label on inside of hoodie reads, Handmade by: Ra'chel Ba'ucham 2018. Has COA which indicates he is 1 of 1.

Additional photos of Bernard were taken and are shared below:

Ra'chel's moment of whimsy is written all over Bernard's face.  Just look at that sneaky grin that indicates he is about to get into some devilment but he's smiling to throw you off.
Creating these locs must have been a timely process.
I believe it was Bernard's locs that really won me over.  The fact that CoCo and Precious needed a brother helped him join the family, too.
The extra detail of clothing that features a hoodie was another winning-over feature.
Ra'chel's cloth label is inside Bernard's hoodie.
His sisters, who knew he was coming, were very excited to meet their little brother.  His attempts to get into mischief have been thwarted by the biggest sister, CoCo, who constantly keeps him in check.

The girls and their kaka mdogo (which means little brother in Swahili) display well together.

See other creations by Ra'chel on her Facebook page.


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