Monday, July 23, 2018

Nayeli by Sue Sizemore

7-1/2-inch Poppy Ann is a needle-felted doll by Sue Sizemore as seen in photos courtesy of the artist.

After Sue Sizemore shared photos of an adorable redheaded needle-felted doll that has her own needle-felted teddy bear, I admired Poppy Ann in a comment to Sue's Facebook post and wrote, "I need a black one!" Who knew that Sue would actually make one?

My doll's evolution was captured in photos shared by the artist.
In her initial photos, my doll had short black hair, a smiling mouth, and teeth.  How Sue is able to miraculously capture as much intricate detail on such a tiny doll's face amazes me!  This needle-felted little girl evolved into a closed-mouth doll with long curly yarn hair.  Even before she began her evolution, I claimed the short-haired version as mine (in a Facebook message to Sue).  Sue continued to share process photos on Facebook and in private messages to me which allowed me to see my little girl actually come to life.  Before she was completed, I named her Nayeli, after a Native American girl in Nowhere is a Place by Bernice McFadden.

Nayeli, the doll, is 8 inches tall.  She has black curly hair, as previously described, black beaded eyes and is dressed in a pretty peach dress with a white ribbon waist sash that matches the white ribbon that adorns her hair.  She has an eyelet half slip and Sue added white needle-felted undies and black needled-felted boots to complete her look.  Like Poppy Ann, Nayeli also has her very own needle-felted bear.

After her arrival, I took several photos of Nayeli which are shared next:

Nayeli and her teddy bear

Close-up of Nayeli and profile of her teddy bear's face

Another full-view photo of Nayeli shows the length of her hair on both sides.

Close-up of Teddy

Nayeli's long curly yarn hair is shown above.
Nayeli's needle-felted black boots...

...are now covered with white socks and white shoes.

I took the liberty of adding white socks and shoes and piercing Nayeli's ears after she arrived.  White cut-to-length socks and white shoes now cover her legs and feet.  Her white stud earrings (which are actually just quilting needles) were stuck into her earlobes.  Her earrings can be seen in the last two photos.

As she continues to hug her constant companion, Nayeli wears her earrings in the above and next photo.

Nayeli means "I love you" in the language of the Zapotec Indians of Mexico, which is a very appropriate name for Sue Sizemore's first-ever dark-skinned needle-felted doll that I absolutely adore as much as I appreciate the artist's boundless talent!


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