Monday, January 7, 2019

Blessings from Beautiful Blessings Dolls

Polka dot and Camo Dress are fashions designed exclusively for Beautiful Blessings dolls.

The lovely Raveen James, founder of Beautiful Blessings dolls blessed me with the two Beautiful Blessings fashions shown above, Pink Polka dot and Camo Dress.  I could hardly wait to redress Beautiful Blessings Deborah in these and allow her to model the fashions.

The fashions are attached to a Beautiful Blessings logo'd card stock liner encased in a plastic blister.  The back of the liner is headed with the words, "I am a Beautiful Blessing" followed by the motto:

We believe
"The Average Girl IS Beautiful!"
and every girl should look
in the mirror and say,
"I am a Beautiful Blessing."
Pink Polka dot

Pink Polka dot includes a two-piece fashion of peplum top with Velcro closure in back and shorts that slip on and off with ease.  A lacy pink purse and white pumps with pink platform soles are the accessories.

Deborah looks lovely in the Pink Polka dot ensemble.  I added pink stud earrings (which are actually pink quilting pins.)

The lacy purse is accented with faux pearls on the front and the back.

She wears her white pumps with pink platform soles well.

Deborah strikes a profile pose...

...and finally she poses from the back.

Camo Dress

This fashion includes a sleeveless top and full-length mermaid skirt that has pleats and an off-center split.  A pair of green pumps with black platform soles complete the look.

Deborah models the Camo Dress and shows off one of her shapely legs through the split in the skirt.  I added green "stud" earrings.

Deborah flaunts her curves in this profile picture.

The curve-flaunting continues in this photo taken from the back.

The Camo Dress is worn with green platform pumps.

Both fashions are made of polyester knit.  To avoid snagging the fabric, I exercised great care when snipping away the plastic fasteners that held the fashions to their blister liner.  Once the ends of the fasteners were snipped off, I snipped the remainder as close to the fabric as possible so that only a small amount of the fasteners were left to remove.

As previously noted, these fashions are made exclusively for Beautiful Blessings Dolls.  The dolls are 12-1/2 inches tall and their measurements are fuller than other playscale dolls in my collection.  Therefore, I did not try either of these on other dolls.  To see body comparisons between Beautiful Blessings Deborah, Curvy Barbie, Prettie Girls Lena, and Big Beautiful Doll Dasia, go here.

 The dolls and these limited edition fashions can be purchased here.


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