Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Aria and Froggy Fresh Dolls

Fresh Dolls Aria Deluxe Set and Froggy Fresh Deluxe Set

Aria and Froggy Fresh arrived in late December.  I had preordered Aria in March of 2018 before the dolls were produced.  Froggy Fresh was ordered in December and arrived within a week of that order.  Both remain in their boxes for now, but I hope you will enjoy the photos I took.

Aria wears a two-piece pants set, the midriff top of which has off-shoulder sleeves.

Aria's violet lip color matches both fashions.  She wears circular Fresh logo'd silvertone earrings and white wedge heels.  Her short curly hair is dark brown.  Her eyes are hazel.

Aria carries a white clutch.

Aria's second outfit, as described on the Fresh Dolls website includes, "a sparkling, purple cropped sweater; a duo-chrome lavender/lilac, high-waist skirt; and a white Fresh Satchel Bag and matching white heel set."

Aria and Wave 1 Lynette pose for a complexion comparison.

Complexion-wise, Aria and Lynette from Wave 1 share the same complexion.  In other doll lines, Aria's complexion would be comparable to S.I.S. Chandra (from "The Love to Shop Chandra and Trichelle two-pack) and Barbie Fashionista Fancy Flowers as illustrated here in a comparison with Wave 1 Lynette.

Froggy Fresh 

The Froggy Fresh Doll is fashioned after the "My Froggy Fresh Stuff" vlogger.  She has multiple microbraids, wears a My Froggy Stuff-logo'd white T-shirt, denim pants, and gold-tone circular Fresh earrings.

Froggy Fresh holds her black square-rimmed glasses in her left hand.  She has an extra fashion of metallic lime jacket and denim shorts.

In addition to her extra fashion, she has a laptop and a cell phone.

Froggy Fresh wears bright pink high-top sneakers.
Complexion-wise, when compared to the other Fresh Dolls, Froggy's skin tone is unique.  None of the other girls in the line share her complexion.  

Barbie Look Nighttime Glamour and Fresh Mia were used for complexion comparisons with Froggy.  Froggy's body is slightly darker than theirs as illustrated above and in the next close-up photo.

Use their arms as a guide to note that Froggy's complexion is slightly darker than Barbie's and Mia's.

Next, view the unboxing of the My Froggy Fresh Doll by none other than the woman behind the My Froggy Stuff brand.

Like all other dolls in this line, Aria and Froggy have multiple points of articulation.  

The back of the box, shown below, is the same for all Fresh Dolls in Wave 2.

Most of the dolls shown on the back of the box are from Wave 2.  They are Daniel, Aria, Malik,  Tamra (Wave 1), Froggy Fresh, Anthony, Mia, Lynette, Jacqueline from Wave 1 in "Red Carpet Royalty" fashion,  Victoria in "Ring My Bell" Sleeve Cocktail Dress, Aleyna, and Indigo in "Lovely Lavender" jumpsuit.


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  1. Hey, neat! I didn't know anyone had done a doll in honor of Froggy! Her channel is epic.

    1. She's quite excited about her mini me in doll form, too. She has featured the Froggy Fresh doll in several vlogs. Here is a link to her unboxing video (which I should have added to the post and now I will). :-)


  2. Hi Debbie!! I have seen the Aria doll in the store. I especially love her outfit! I did purchase the first wave Aria. Both are very nice!

    1. Thanks, GG. This is the first Aria but she and Lynette share the same complexion.


  3. Hello - where can I buy the Froggy Fresh doll? My daughter REALLY wants one for Christmas and it looks like they were only available last year?

    1. eBay might be the only place you're able to find them or if you're able to find someone who is willing to sell their doll. I am not selling mine at this time. Good luck in your search.



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