Friday, January 11, 2019

Bea's After Christmas Fashion

For Christmas, Bea (Barbie Fashionista #82) was dressed in this blue and white Mikelman Christmas gown.
It took me 11 days after Christmas to take the holiday decorations down and store them.  I had been under the weather the week after Christmas, which is when I normally take the decorations down. After everything was stored and all dolls that had been dressed for Christmas undressed or redressed, I decided I would try the reproduction of Barbie Matinee Fashion #1640 on Bea that I received for Christmas.

In my previous post about gifts given and received, where the fashion was first shown, I indicated the red closed-toe shoes were missing.  I have now modified that post because after I removed the fashion from the card, I was pleased to find the shoes tucked underneath the dress.  In the next several photos, Bea models this fashion, which appears as though it was made for her.

 Sheath, Shoes, and Hat
The sheath and shoes were tried on first.  The dress fits her to a T.  The shoes fit as well.  I added clear bands around, over, and under the heels, soles, and arches to ensure she does not lose the shoes.

The hat with the attached scarf was added.

Close-up photo wearing the hat
Bea removed the wig and posed from the back to illustrate the zipper closure of the dress.

Without the wig, Bea models the dress from the front once again.
Worn with Jacket
Still not wearing her wig, Bea added the faux leopard-fur-trimmed jacket which has two snaps underneath two sewn-on outer buttons.

With wig back on, Bea poses again with the jacket worn over the sheath.

Another close-up photo

In this final photo, Bea looks very sophisticated in the complete reproduction of the 1965 Barbie Matinee #1640 ensemble.
Did you know this fashion is sold in adult sizes?  Based on two reviews at the Unique Vintage website, this fashion was given 5 stars with one reviewer indicating she needed to order a size larger than she usually wears; so they might run small.  This website has other Barbie fashion replicas for adults.


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