Thursday, January 3, 2019

The Holiday Barbie I Had to Have

2018 Holiday Barbie

I had seen this pink box Holiday Barbie a couple of times on Facebook in late November/early December 2018 but didn't feel the need to buy her then.  The week before Christmas, I saw her photo again and decided I needed her.

2018 Holiday Barbie poses with Barbie The Look Nighttime Glamour and Glam Boho.

She has the same head sculpt as Barbie The Look Nighttime Glamour and Glam Boho but her complexion is deeper.  It was the complexion that captivated me.  I searched until I found her on a site I'd never heard of before, Deep Discount dot com.  She was a couple of dollars more than retail but shipping was only $1.99.

Holiday Barbie arrived swiftly.  She has dark brown mid-back-length hair with auburn highlights and a side part.  She has heavily shaded, thick eyebrows and gray eyes.  She wears gold plastic earrings that match her gold poinsettia-print dress.  She holds a red clutch that matches her red high-heel shoes.

Holiday Barbie was removed from the box still attached to the box liner to take the second photo above and the next one where she poses in a close-up with her sisters. 

With plans to use her for a decorating idea for Christmas 2019, I will keep her in the box until then.

If interested in purchasing, here is a link to her buy page.


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  1. Hello Debbie,
    Holiday Barbie is pretty with her gorgeous skin colour, thick eyebrows and gorgeous smile. You did great getting her. Her sister, Glam Boho, reminds me of a famous singer. Everything, except the freckles which are adorable, screams that singer to me: the figure, the complexion, the hair colour, the smile and even the golden dress.
    Enjoy your collection!

    1. Thank you, Arlette!

      Now you have me wanting to know the name of the singer that Boho Glam reminds you of 😊.


  2. Congratulations on getting the Holiday Barbie you wanted.

    The Glam BoHo doll reminded me of actress Cree Summer from "A Different World." Could that be the personality you and Rie T E-M are thinking of?

    1. Thank you, for the congratulations on my getting the AA Holiday Barbie for 2018.

      Arlette mentioned a famous singer that Glam Boho reminds her of. I am not sure who she was referring to. The only famous singer that comes to mind with thid doll's complexion, hair color, and body is Mariah Carey, but Arlette might have been referring to a non-US singer. I don't see Cree Summer in this doll.



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