Friday, September 27, 2019

Creatable World Doll Review with Video Link

The Creatable World box 
Amazon shipped my Creatable World doll as shown, without a shipping box.  I had to gingerly peel off the address label from the front of the box cover, part of which covered the leg of the image of the doll.

Part of the tracking number remains on the back of the box cover as shown on the left in the yellow area.

An additional sticker with the tracking number and a larger one had to be removed from the back of the box cover.  I was able to remove the smaller sticker successfully, but the larger one was not able to be removed completely as shown in the above picture.  Glue residue remains on the front and back of the box cover where the stickers had been.

At checkout, the above option was available.  I did not choose "Ship in Amazon packaging" because I had no idea that by not doing so meant no packaging at all would be used. This is issue #1 with this doll; they did not use a shipping box!

The doll is packaged by Mattel in a beautifully designed box with a cover that slides off.  The two circular pieces of tape that were supposed to hold the cover to the inner box were folded over the edges of the inner box.  This leads me to believe I received a returned doll or that someone opened the box prior to my receipt of it.  This is issue #2.

Included inside the box is a poster with eight different ways the doll can be styled.
This photo was taken after the cellophane cover was removed from the inner box.  The doll and the accessories were neatly placed inside.  Nothing was strapped down.

At this point, I am still disappointed by the way Amazon shipped the doll, but I like what I see well enough to keep the doll.

She (that is my doll's gender identification) is able to sit nicely.  She is unable, however, to cross one leg over the other at the knee.

She is 11 inches tall and articulated in the usual five places as well as at the elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles.  The waist is not articulated.  The joints were a little stiff at first, but with gentle manipulation, I was able to move them with ease.  She struck this pose before I noticed something else.
The doll has a paint rub on one side of her head.  At first, I thought maybe it's supposed to be like this, but why, when the other side is not?  This is issue #3.
Since she was here, I decided to proceed with trying on the wig and a couple of the fashions before arranging a return to Amazon.

The braids are attached to a rigid vinyl wig cap.  With the wig on her head, sitting on top of the rooted patch of top hair, it looks exactly like she's wearing a hair cap.  I would have preferred a more flexible wig cap.  Had the braids extended to the front edge of the wig cap without leaving the rim visible, a more natural hairline would have been achieved.
The blue tutu is worn with the white undershirt she arrived wearing.  Silver cowboy boots and a cloth handbag were added to this look.
Going for even more of a Western look, she added a Stetson-style hat.
Next, she donned the red and white jacket that has faux leather sleeves with a pair of denim shorts and red high-top sneakers.  (Incidentally, all of this Creatable World doll's clothes have Velcro closures; nothing snaps or buttons.)
Her lightly tinted sunglasses were tried on, which is when I noticed issue #4.  Some of the black paint is flaking off the rim of the sunglasses.  I had already decided to send the doll back and this confirmed that I should.

I tried a few more pieces on her and she took more pictures before I returned her to the box and informed Amazon of these issues.  The additional and final photos are shown below:

The wig was tried on again.  This time some of her own hair served as bangs.

Unfazed  by her flaws, she posed again in this photo and the next.

I really like the doll and the concept of multiple fashions and a wig.  Had she been issue free, she would be allowed to stay, but back she must go.

For a full review of Creatable World Dolls, view the My Froggy Stuff paid ad below.

If you choose to order this doll from Amazon and wish to receive it in a shipping box, be sure to choose Amazon packaging.


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  1. Thank you for sharing. Your blogs are always informative and helpful!

  2. I am flabbergasted that they would send the toy with NO wrapper or box. Is this a cost cutting measure I wonder??? I ordered this same from TArget. They don’t offer a “no Target packaging” and they do a free ship/5% discount to members

    I am sorry you got such a poorly handled doll with all those flaws☹️☹️☹️ Are u going to order a replacement?

    1. Hi Frankie,

      I was flabbergasted, too. I guess this shipment method must be a cost-saving measure for Amazon, but it doesn't work for me and I'm sure it won't work for other collectors or anyone for that matter. Who wants to receive packages like this, especially when they are just left on your doorstep?

      I didn't choose the replacement option when I initiated the return for fear they would ship the replacement the same way. I requested a refund only. Thank you for letting me know that Target offers free shipping and a reminder that I'll get an extra 5% off by using my Red Card.

      No shipping box and a flawed doll... I really think they sent me a doll that someone had returned.

      Oh and BTW, I took the time to create a return box for the doll.


  3. If this series is presented as a fashion pack, the way it does in the video, I think it should be fairly successful. If I had not read your previous post, I would not have seen this as a way of a child expressing their gender, but an opportunity to decide whether or not you want a girl or boy doll. I'm impressed that for $30, you get an articulated doll with rooted hair, a wig and so many decently made clothes. I love the idea of including a wig. (That's been part of my fashion heritage since the age of 16!) Sorry that you got a flawed doll. But this is a super cute doll.

    1. Thanks, April! I think they're all super cute. I just reordered a replacement from Target. Shipping was not free, but I ordered an extra $10 worth of items to push the total over the $35 free shipping minimum. At least I know the doll won't arrive "labeled."


  4. Thank you for the review! Now I know that if I decide to buy one, it will be from Target. Strange that the wig cap is so inflexible when it's supposed to go over hair; it's as if Mattel copied the Liv wig caps without realizing that those go over painted heads. The posability is so attractive, though!

    1. You're welcome, Gini! Yes, Target is the way to order or to choose Amazon's shipping.

      You've made a valid point about the wig cap. They are quite similar to the LIV wig caps without the prong underneath and hole in the doll's head to secure it in place.


  5. Wow no shipping box 👀... I like the doll, and when I do purchase mine will be a girl “long or short hair”,,, thanks sooooo much for the review.

    1. Yes, no box, unfortunately.

      I'm glad you enjoyed the review. You're welcome!


  6. These are also available at Walmart and

    1. Thanks, Phyllis. I didn't even think to check Walmart online.


  7. Thanks for the review. You review encouraged me and I might get one.


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