Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Doll Gifts Part 1

During the months of June and July, I received doll gifts from doll friends and from strangers.  The dolls received from doll friends are included in this post.   I will publish two additional posts to share photos and information about the dolls received from two kind-hearted people who wanted homes for dolls in their possession.

Mini Cécile Rey and Six-Book Gift Set

Marie-Grace and Cécile Giftset

As a thank-you gift, Dawn Spears sent me the American Girl Marie-Grace and Cécile Rey gift set, which includes the 5-inch version of Cécile Rey and six full-size books featuring stories about Cécile and Marie-Grace.  The books are:

Meet Marie-Grace
Meet Cécile
Marie-Grace and the Orphans
Troubles for Cécile
Marie-Grace Makes a Difference
Cécile's Gift

The mini-doll is dressed in a replica of the 18-inch Cécile Rey's turquoise satin dress and black boots.

This gift set also includes a protective slipcase with a board game and the Meet Cecile mini abridged book.

An image of Cécile and the covers of each book are shown on the back of the box.

Gabby Douglas Barbie
Gabby Douglas Barbie, a gift from Tammy Fisher

The Gabby Douglas Barbie was a thank-you gift from Tammy Fisher.

Purchased in 2017, Tammy had planned to give this doll to me during a visit to Texas that year.  Unfortunately, we were not able to meet up.

Correction:  Tammy had Mattel doll designer, Carlyle Nuera, Lead Designer - Barbie Signature at Mattel, write an inscription and sign the front of the box.

Carlyle's handwritten inscription reads:
Debbie, Thank you for your never-ending support for Black doll lovers worldwide!  (His autograph and the date, 06/01/17, are below the inscription.)
There wasn't a handwritten note that accompanied the Gabby Douglas Barbie when the doll arrived from Tammy.  I had incorrectly assumed that both the inscription and signature on the doll's box were Tammy's.  After she read this post (before I updated it), she corrected me to let me know she asked Carlyle to write an inscription to thank me for helping her with the petition to Mattel to create the Gabby Douglas Barbie, but he shortened it to what was written.  The sentiment is still hers but the signature is Carlyle Nuera's.  (Like many of the dolls in Mattel's Sheroes campaign, the Gabby Douglas Barbie was a one-of-a-kind prior to their decision to mass-produce the doll.)

Dance Your Heart Out

This doll was a gift from Marilyn Bloodworth, who sent it along with the Nathaniel doll I purchased from her.  It is a plush doll that she manufactured under her Grandma's Hands label.  The front of the doll's T-shirt reads "Dance Your ♥ Out."  Marilyn said I could add hair to the doll's head.  I have not decided if I want to do that or not.


Thank you, Dawn, Tammy, and Marilyn for thinking about me and for sending these doll-lightful doll gifts!


There are countless items to collect and write about. Black dolls chose me.

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