Friday, November 15, 2019

Actual Photos of My BMR1959 Dolls

Barbie BMR1959 dolls have been deboxed.

I did not have time to photograph the Barbie BMR1959 dolls I purchased when they arrived to include the photos with my video post.  This is a more detailed description of each doll with some comparisons made.

She poses alongside her shoebox-style box that contains her illustration.

A close-up of her lovely face illustrates her brown eyes, honey blonde braids, dark red lip color, and the beauty mark above her lip on her left.

The Made-to-Move body has interesting jointing.

She strikes an additional pose in front of her box.
I recorded the following description for this doll in my doll inventory Excel workbook.
Tan complexioned girl with honey blonde braids and top-knot of braids has painted-on baby hair, brown painted eyes, dark red lip color, and green fingernails; wears a yellow BMR1959 logo long-sleeve crop top with mesh sleeves, one-piece biker shorts with a racetrack checkered pattern on the sides and the back, royal blue plastic fanny pack, and pink low-top sneakers.  Jewelry: Silver drop earrings, two silver rings on the right hand, BMR1959 logo ring on the left hand.  Has a beauty mark above the lip on her left.  

This lovely doll was photographed while still attached to her purple box liner.  She has brown painted eyes, eggplant lip color, and painted-on baby hair.

This full-view photo was taken prior to removing her from the box.

Free to move, she poses in front of her box.

She is happy to be free!


Striking a pose

The vinyl on the back of these dolls' legs is uneven caused by the molding process.  This doll's vinyl is also discolored in this area.

Here she poses from the back wearing the hood of her dress with her jacket removed.
Her description reads as follows:
Doll uses the Curvy Barbie made-to-move body, has black hair styled in a ponytail with painted-on baby hair, brown painted eyes, dark lip color, and off-white nail polish; wears nylon floral-print dress, clear plastic jacket with Barbie BMR1959 logo in white stamped throughout, gold booties, silver earrings with BMR 1959 logo, and yellow sunglasses attached to her head.

Like the girls, the guy poses in front of his illustrated box.

He's very photogenic.

He shows the BMR1959 logo that is on the pocket of his overalls.

All three have knees that look similar to his.

He and the doll with braids have the same uneven vinyl on the back of their legs that the darker-skinned doll has; hers is more apparent.

He, too, poses without his jacket.
His description reads as follows:
Dark tan complexioned male with made-to-move body has bright green flocked hair, brown painted eyes with mauve eyeshadow, and mauve lip color; wears a purple sleeveless shirt, bright green overalls with BMR1959 on bib pocket, huge white plastic chain necklace, royal blue bubble-style jacket, and orange high-top boots with platform soles. His fingernails are painted dark pink. 

Each doll's certificate of authenticity is attached to the back of the box liner.

All three dolls have a black BMR1959 logo doll stand (not shown) and certificate of authenticity, which is shown above.  The clothing worn by all three is 1990s inspired.

The Trio
With jacket, coat, and blouse on, respectively, they were photographed; and again...

...not wearing their jacket, coat, and blouse, respectively.
Complexion Comparisons
Because colors will differ from device to device, I decided to add the following complexion comparison photos for each doll to provide a better idea of their true skin tones.

Biker Girl's complexion is compared with Barbie Fashionista #123, whose complexion is slightly darker than Biker Girl's.

Guy '59's complexion is compared to Barbie Basics Model #17, who is just a shade darker than Guy '59.

Lovely's complexion is compared with Fashionista #5.  Their heads are about the same complexion with #5's body a shade lighter, maybe than Lovely's body.  By the way, Lovely's head and body are the same color.
I haven't actually named the BMR1959 dolls.  The names used with the comparison photos were randomly selected as I typed the captions.


There are countless items to collect and write about. Black dolls chose me.

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  1. Debbie, thank you so much for this post. I am truly grateful for the fact that you went as far as comparing the BMR dolls to dolls with similar-like complexion. Lovely Complexion is stunning and she definitely is my favourite.

  2. It's very interesting to see the comparison of the complexions. These dolls are beautiful, thank you for the many pictures! The MTM bodies are almost action figure bodies, such an improvement! I hope my own Green Haired boy arrives soon :)

    1. It's good to know you enjoyed the actual photos and the comparisons. Their bodies do give them so much more movement. I just wish there was a better way to conceal the joints. I too hope your green hair guy arrives soon. You'll love him.


  3. I love that you posed then in front of the box in a reasonable facsimile of the pose pictured! Also, I'm jealous of you for having them!

    1. Thank you, Jeanie. I hope you are able to get the ones you want.


  4. I love reading your take on these dolls. I think the one in braids looks Afro-Asian, a beautiful combination. Lovely was a real surprise to me - she’s just gorgeous in person and I think looks much better than her promo pictures. I really like the whole line - they’re really fun.

    1. Hi Wendy,

      I immediately thought the doll with braids looks Afro-Asian or Blasian. Lovely is lovely. It is a fun, colorful collection.


  5. I ordered 2 of the pony tail doll (from the photos I was hoping that her skin tone would match one of my curvy Fashionistas however after ordering I watched My Froggy Stuff review her and realised the skin tone was much darker, oh well) and the one with braids. I love the collection but more specifically the 2 dolls I ordered as you can never go wrong with more MTM girls!

    1. It's good to hear from you Julius! You can always make the two ponytail girls identical twins who may or may not choose to dress alike. You're right, you can never do wrong with MTM dolls.


    2. I worked out if I reply through the Google App it makes it easier to post for whatever reason?!! And the Blogger option in reply doesn’t seem to be clear my content! So yay! Yes on the twins...but I also thought I would keep her so that I can rebody any of the Fashionistas that come along as there aren’t heaps of darker skin tones, so always worth hanging onto any extra dolls!

    3. Blogger has made some changes recently. I believe they have launched a new version that I need to investigate and switch over to, if I don't lose the content that's here. I have noticed that a ton of annoying ads appear within my blog posts and that is not supposed to happen. Any ads are supposed to be in the sidebar or in between blog posts. I think their new version has screwed up the old. I don't see the ads when I view the posts from my laptop but when I'm on my phone they are there and so annoying.

      I also wanted you to know that all comments to my blog posts are moderated so I can delete the tremendous amount of spam comments that were being published before the moderation began. If you don't immediately see a comment, that's why. They all filter to me first.

      Ms. Ponytail will definitely come in handy eventually. Even if there is a slight difference in color between the head and the body, it's worth having an extra.


    4. Thanks for the update. I did know that you were editing comments, it was more that as I went to ‘publish’ a comment it would clear the content rather than confirm my comment had been sent to you for moderation, so the tech made it harder for me to write. It’s good to have a work around! 😊

    5. There were two identical comments from you for me to approve. That's why I thought you didn't realize comments were being monitored.

      What happened to you has happened to me, too. I have typed comments to blog posts only to have Google ask for my Google username and after I enter it, the comment is no longer available. I try to make sure my Google username is visible in the comment field before I type a comment.

      I also figured out how to remove the annoying ads that were being placed within blog posts. Google has an automatic ad feature that defaults to being "on." I turned it off today.

      I saw a picture of Ponytail with her hair down. She looked gorgeous. I will try to email the link to you.


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