Friday, November 22, 2019

Spotlight on LAtheSewist

At only 12-years-old, she still loves dolls but most of all, according to her mother, "LAtheSewist" loves to sew for them!  This young seamstress has been sewing since age 4.  She was taught to sew by her mother, Hope, who is very proud of her daughter and wanted to share pictures with me and the readers of this blog.

Some of LAtheSewist's doll clothing designs are illustrated in this collage.

LAtheSewist sews for Barbie-sized dolls and 18-inch dolls from patterns she creates.  She makes life-sized clothing and quilts, too.  Take a look at the individual photos she shared below.

Barbie-sized Clothing

A Curvy Barbie wears an open shoulder dress that hugs her curves.

These two wear mermaid designs.

A fashionable crop top and pants are a perfect fit for this girl.

Bib overalls, tops, and a skirt are modeled by these two.

This girl wears an LAtheSewist original tie-dye top and flared-leg pants.

What every girl-doll needs is lacy lingerie.  LAtheSewist even used a hook and eye closure for the bra!

18-inch Doll Clothes
This full-length dress has a halter bodice.

This gingham check two-piece top and skirt fits this girl nicely.

A purple tank top and a full-length skirt are modeled by this doll who holds a cloth shoulder bag sewn by LAtheSewist.

Life-Sized Clothing

LAtheSewist designed and sewed this two-piece prom dress.
In this final photo, LAtheSewist models a Harriet Tubman Halloween costume she designed and sewed.

Priced from $7 to $25, her doll clothing sells through Etsy and eBay.

Thank you, Hope, for sharing your "golden child's" love and talent for sewing.  Best wishes for all her continued creative endeavors!


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  1. This young dressmaker is very talented! I'm impressed! Not only is she an excellent seamstress, her designs are very modern.

  2. Absolutely amazed with the designs, choice of materials, prints and the quality the sewing. Every aspect of sewing Doll clothes is challenging. Can't wait to see what you come up with next. Congratulations!! Keep designing and sewing.

  3. She is going to doing some amazing things. Of course she already is, but she will do even more in the years to come. Thanks for sharing this post.

  4. Amazing work! This is one young lady who could have a fashion career, and a great one at that.


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