Tuesday, April 27, 2021

The BMR1959 That Almost Got Away

BMR1959 Barbie #GNC46 from wave 2

This one didn't really almost get away, but I recently decided to add this wave 2 BMR1959 Barbie #GNC46 to my collection to avoid any regrets over not doing so after the doll sells out. I have experienced too many regrets for not buying a doll at retail and later wanting it after it sells out and being prohibited from buying on the secondary market due to prices that are two to three times the doll's original retail price (prices I refuse to pay).

A closeup of BMR1959 #GNC46 illustrates her lavender/pink hair styled in Bantu knots and her facial features and other characteristics described in the next paragraph.

I didn't want this doll initially because of her "round the girl way" look. Ask LL Cool J to explain that phrase to you, but if he can't, I will. The lavender/pink hair, the painted-on baby hair, the doorknocker earrings, and a familiar head sculpt that has been used for too many others made me hesitate to purchase initially.  I wasn't too crazy about her oversized houndstooth jacket that is worn with the "wet look" orange BMR logo'd top and skirt, but I could have lived with the fashion.

Recently, I began to think about my past experiences with dolls I had shied away from because of a multitude of unfair prejudgements. After a moment of reconsideration (and after seeing this doll for $20 on Amazon with free shipping), yes, I decided to purchase this petite girl.

Mattel's description, slightly modified, was copied into the description cell of my 2021 doll inventory spreadsheet for this doll. It reads as follows:

Designed by Carlyle Nuera, this BMR1959™ Barbie® doll wears a boxy houndstooth blazer over an orange neon co-ord set with a patent-leather look. Her lilac hair is styled in Bantu knots accented with painted baby hair, and her nails are painted to match. Chunky yellow “dad sneakers” and logo door knocker earrings finish the look. This collectible fashion doll is fully articulated and uses the made-to-move petite body, comes in a streetwear-inspired shoebox and includes a BMR1959™ logo black doll stand for displaying. Uses the Claudette head sculpt.

Additional Photographs
Out of the box, she stands alongside the illustration on the top of the shoebox-style box.

In the final three photos, she poses with BMR1959 Barbies from wave 1.

The dolls from wave 1 stand in her background. GHT 96, GHT 91, and GHT 94

This is a slightly overhead angled shot.

They are certainly a colorful crew.

Even though she is petite in stature, admittedly, this girl stands out among the others. Being an around-the-way girl, she'll make you think you need her. 


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