Wednesday, April 7, 2021

1st Black Barbie's Tribute Dress Modeled

40th Anniversary Black Barbie Tribute Package by Pabboo Redfeather

The tribute dress to 1st Black Barbie's 40th anniversary was designed by Pabboo G. Redfeather in 2020 as an exclusive for members of his Facebook group, Black Barbie First Collector Club. In order to keep the tribute package (shown above) intact, I wanted a duplicate tribute dress for a doll to wear, but Pabboo sent me a duplicate tribute package.
It took me several months to find the right doll to model the dress made from special ordered fabric that includes Pabboo's headshot drawing of the 1st Black Barbie. I wanted a doll with natural hair texture or a full-blown Afro to model the dress. It was not until the release of Barbie Fashionista #156 that I envisioned that doll as the perfect model.

Barbie Fashionista #156 models the 1st Black Barbie Tribute dress, which is accessorized with a pair of red high heels, a gold-tone bracelet, and red dangle earrings. The accessories were included in the tribute package.

The dress fits this blue-lipstick-wearer perfectly but there was a slight problem. 

The dress has a hint of green in the background.

Her blue lipstick clashed with the colors in the dress. I need to repaint her lips, but I like the blue color. I need a duplicate doll, were the thoughts that raced through my head.

I found and ordered a duplicate doll and kept the new one in her plastic zippered package. I attempted to remove the blue lipstick from the original doll, but it would not budge with fingernail polish remover. So, I painted over the blue with red acrylic paint (leaving just a fine line around the outline of her lips to serve as lip liner).

Before and after photos of the lip-color change and photos of the doll modeling the dress are illustrated below. (She's so pretty that I took several photos from different angles.)

Lip color comparison before and after

With this dress, red lip color looks much better than blue.

Fashionista #156 is photographed with Pabboo's artwork and tribute to Kitty Black Perkins used as the backdrop. The entire package was presented in a red pocket folder.

Additional head and upper body photo

Head and body photo 2

Head and body photo 3

This lovely girl struck a pose (as much as possible with her non-articulated body).

Here is one more headshot and next is a closeup of 1st Black Barbie's illustration on the dress.

This close-up of the bodice of the dress illustrates Pabboo's rendition of the 1st Black Barbie.

In this final photo, she poses with her twin, whose lip color will remain blue.

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