Thursday, June 10, 2021

Barbie Looks Model #2

Barbie Looks Model #2

After a shipment delay that I had to approve through Amazon to indicate I still wanted Barbie Looks Model #2 shipped at a later-than-planned date, this doll finally arrived. She was well worth the wait, but changes between the Mattel-Amazon relationship to make ordering future dolls less frustrating are in order. 

The frustration in ordering this doll resulted from an uncertain release date (not knowing when Amazon would have the doll stocked) followed by an almost immediate sell-out after the doll became available (I checked their site multiple times daily before the doll was finally available to order). This was followed by the shipping delay mentioned above and the need to approve the order after it was delayed. (I ordered it, obviously, I still wanted the doll.) Mattel/Amazon, please do better.  

The back of the box illustrates the six dolls in the Barbie Looks collection. All have new face sculpts and different Made-to-Move bodies. I await #4's arrival, which has also been delayed.

Part of a six-doll collection, the photos of Model #2 taken in and out of the box and the associated captions follow.

This is the right side panel of the box.

The back of the box is illustrated above.

The text on the lower bottom of the box describes the collection as follows:

Introducing Barbie Looks™, a curated collection of dolls each with a fresh look and style personality. The on-trend fashions feature photo worthy details, and with posable articulated bodies, they inspire the stylist within. Barbie Looks™ dolls are ready to style, pose, photograph and post.
This is the left panel of the box.

Removed from the box, still attached to the box liner, this close-up was taken.

Full-length, she's still attached to the box liner.

Finally released, she flaunts her curves and ability to pose her multi-articulated body.

A view from the rear

She wears a black spandex halter jumpsuit with silver metallic booties. I added a silver cuff bracelet and will add a pair of silver drop or hoop earrings later. 

Profile view

Although I am not a fan of the action-figure-looking elbow and knee joints, I like everything else about this doll—her dark brown  (unparted) Afro, her full facial features, eye makeup, and lip color are all aesthetically pleasing. 

If you have not had an opportunity to order this doll. Here is a link to the buy page. At this time, quantities are not available. Keep checking, I am sure the doll will be restocked soon.

By the way, a doll stand and certificate of authenticity are included with Barbie Looks #2.


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orchardlady said...

Thanks, Debbie. And now I know what the packaging looks like, for whenever they hit store shelves! I have #4 delayed also.

Yvonne Barner

Black Doll Enthusiast said...

You're welcome, Yvonne. I hope you're able to find this one soon.