Tuesday, November 2, 2021

My Fashion Blogger Sindy

Stock Photo of Fashion Blogger Sindy

The name on the box is Sindy Fashion Store Playset. Sold only in parts of the United Kingdom, (but made in China), I have her thanks to a wonderful doll friend. They know who they are, and I've already thanked them several times for getting Sindy for me. 

I opened the shipping package the morning after Sindy arrived and was and still am thoroughly pleased.  I took several pictures of the doll in the box before opening it. The following three are the best of the several initial photos.

The initial photo illustrates Fashion Blogger Sindy in the unopened box with the backpack and laptop visible through the cellophane.

A large illustration of Sindy is on the back of the box. A removable wrap-around piece of cardstock on the lower box illustrates this Sindy and others.

A close-up headshot while still in the box

I gingerly removed all the adhesive stickers that held the lower wrap-around piece in place and those that held the box closed before removing the doll and accessories from the box and photographing additional box details.

This is the front of the lower wrap-around cardstock. On the far right, Sindy is shown with the doll box decorated with the fashion display cutouts that are included.

The back of the lift-out box lining contains cutouts to create a clothing display with rack and hangers.

Fashion cutouts and a mannequin or clothing form for displaying the fashions are on one sheet of heavy cardstock.

This is the flip side of the fashion and mannequin cut-out sheet.

The open box illustrates store shelves and clothing racks.

Next are out-of-the-box photos of Sindy and her accessories.

Sindy poses in front of her undecorated box with her three accessories.

A backpack, a laptop, and a Sindy Fashion booklet are the accessories. The laptop can fit inside the backpack.

Wearing her backpack, Sindy strikes a pose...

...and takes a final headshot.

Spreadsheet Entry Description

11-inch vinyl fashion doll with articulated elbows, wrists, knees, ankles, and the usual other five points has brown side-glancing painted eyes, slightly parted lips painted coral, thickly rooted waist-length brunette curly hair held away from the face with a lavender cloth headband. Each earlobe has a preplaced area for piercing. Sindy wears a purple-trimmed silver lamΓ© jacket, a lavender T-shirt that circularly reads "Since 1983" above and below the centered "Sindy" registered signature. A purple and lavender tulle tutu, black and metallic-silver leggings, and purple mock-lace sneakers complete her fashion. Accessories include a black vinyl backpack that can accommodate a gray plastic laptop, and a Sindy Fashion booklet that contains a quiz, puzzles, crafts, fashion design activities, haircare instructions, and other dolls and accessories to buy. At the beginning of the booklet, Sindy introduces herself as Fashion Blogger Sindy. The box transforms into a fashion store with box graphics, fashion and mannequin cutouts, and hanger and rack cutouts. Licensed by Pedigree Toys and Brands, 2021; manufactured by Kid Kreations, Ltd. Mulberry House, the doll was made in China.

So she is actually Fashion Blogger Sindy as indicated in the accompanying booklet.


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  1. That's a lovely doll! Thanks for the reviews. I now know what to expect when I receive mine.


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