Thursday, August 11, 2022

Maru and Friends Halle

In this picture, Maru and Friends Mini Pal Halle wears her original fashion.

Maru and Friends Mini Pal Halle arrived in November 2017. She was redressed sometime afterward in a red and white candy cane striped dress and red bolero jacket. She remained in that dress until recently. 

Halle had worn this handmade dress and the socks and shoes since October 2020.

I've been wanting to redress Halle for quite some time, but my 14-inch doll clothing stock is limited.

Glitter Girls fashion "What a Surprise" fits Halle well.

I tried the "What a Surprise" Glitter Girls fashion on Halle that I received for my birthday. I was happy to learn she can wear it and other Glitter Girls fashions, too. The shoes are a tad too big for Halle, but they don't fall off.

Glitter Girls fashions, Sparkling with Style (the smaller boxed fashion), and Sweet Dazzle (the top, larger boxed fashion)

I ordered two more Glitter Girls fashions (Sweet Dazzle and Sparking with Style) for Keltie (my Glitter Girls doll) and Halle to share. After the fashions arrived, both girls modeled them as illustrated below.

Keltie models the Sparking With Style fashion. Halle wears the Sweet Dazzle ensemble. The jellies (sandals) are too big for Halle, but as indicated, they do not fall off.

I stopped mid-redressing to apply a coat of Mod Podge to the Sweet Dazzle boots and the shoes that came with Keltie's original clothes.

I believe the Sweet Dazzle fashion is an older Glitter Girls fashion because it appears to have more glitter than their smaller boxed fashions. I had to stop and apply Mod Podge to the Sweet Dazzle boots to keep the glitter from flaking off. I did the same thing to the glittery shoes that came with Keltie's original fashion. The Mod Podge dries clear, which allows the glitter to shine through, but it is permanently in place now. I allowed the Mod Podge to dry overnight before the redressing resumed.

Keltie and Halle swapped fashions. 

The Sweet Dazzle ensemble also fits Halle, but the length of the skirt is a little longer than I desire and again, the boots are big on her. 

Halle shows off the cute backpack that comes with the Sweet Dazzle fashion. It has a functional opening.

Keltie models the handmade dress Halle had been wearing.

I wanted to know if the handmade candy cane striped dress made for 14-inch Paola Reina dolls would fit Keltie as well as it fits Halle, and it does. She had to wear her own shoes (the ones that I Mod Podged that came with her original fashion) because she cannot wear Maru and Friends Mini Pal shoes.

The two girls decided to continue wearing the following two Glitter Girls fashions. #ad 

Keltie likes the What a Surprise fashion, and the Sparking With Style fashion fits Halle the best.

Links to the fashions, Mod Podge, and Keltie in her original fashion are below: 


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