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Naturalistas Dayna

Naturalistas Dayna by Purpose Toys is an 11-1/2 inch vinyl doll with a medium brown complexion.

My beautiful Naturalistas curly-haired Dayna just arrived from Target and she is back in stock on Amazon. #ad

Her hair is different from the prototype doll's (seen in the next photo), but if I fluff it out (finger comb it) after box removal, it can look like the prototype doll's hair.

When I saw real-life pictures of Dayna shared by other collectors, I didn't know which Naturalista she was because her hairstyle is so much different from the prototype.

Close-up of Dayna's lovely face.

Dayna has a medium brown complexion and dark brown rooted curly hair, described as 3C. She uses the same head sculpt as the other Naturalistas and is not articulated beyond the five usual points (head, upper arms, and upper legs). 

Dayna, like Liya, has brown painted eyes and a closed mouth with dark lip color. She has appropriately full facial features and a quite pretty face. 

She wears a full-length form-fitting gold shimmery sleeveless gown, clear stud earrings, and holds a gold "Naturalistas" personalized clutch. "Naturalistas" is also printed across the chest area of the dress, which has cutouts on the sides. Her tan high-heel open-toe shoes are attached to the box liner. Naturalistas have huge feet. They will not be able to share shoes with Barbie.

Additional Pictures:

The length of Dayna's hair is illustrated in this photo and the next.

The Naturalistas brand across the chest of the dress, Dayna's clutch, and shoes are illustrated in this photo.

Dayna's headshot and bio are on the back of the box.

Dayna's Bio from the back of the box reads:
I'm Dayna
Dayna is an LA native and owner of "Naturalistas Luxury Hair Salon". With a degree in business (and training from a top beauty school), Dayna is a leading Celebrity Natural Hair Stylist. A business woman and celebrity favorite, Dayna's much admired career has earned her the nickname "The Coil Whisperer."

Dayna's motto: "Be Proud of Your Crown"

Her hairstyle is defined as wash n' go. Her hair type is 3C.

The five proposed dolls in the Naturalistas line are illustrated on the back of the box. I have not seen Grace for sale anywhere.

DeeDee Wright-Ward, the creator of the Naturalistas, is pictured on the back of the box.

A headshot of the founder of Naturalistas, DeeDee Wright-Ward, and her bio are also included on the back of Liya's box. The bio reads:

DeeDee Wright-Ward is an Entrepreneur, Business Development Executive, Founder of Purpose Toys and Creator of Naturalistas. Naturalistas is a sleek line of contemporary natural hair fashion dolls, created to uplift and celebrate children with coily, curly and natural textured hair. 

Purpose Toys partners with entrepreneurs, providing the resources necessary to succeed. Our mission is to produce "Product with a Purpose", which we hope to deliver with Naturalistas, who encourage every coily and curly hair kid to "Be Proud of Your Crown". 

Dayna and Liya

Dayna and Liya are seen in a headshot comparison where their complexion difference is also illustrated.  Read Liya's review here.

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