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Register, Attend VDC for Neema, Ellowyne, and Much More!

I am thrilled to share registration information and a sneak peek at dolls that will be available at the Virtual Doll Convention (VDC) "Better Together" Pop-up event (an online event). Registration for the convention begins on August 15, 2022, and the convention runs from August 26 - August 28, 2022. 

Four versions of Robert Tonner's new doll, Neema, and the reintroduction of Ellowyne Wilde, as illustrated in photographs and detailed descriptions shared by VDC organizer and host, Rachel Hoffman, will be available for participants to purchase.


"Life's a Beach" Neema

“Life’s a Beach” Neema

Behold the utterly fabulous “Life’s a Beach” basic Neema! Basic, you say? We are not sure of that! Neema’s long, luxuriously soft, wavy hair looks windblown and is perfect for creative styling. Neema’s short and ever-so-sassy sky-blue and white striped romper boasts three to-scale decorative buttons down the front, a cotton canvas belt with gold tone buckle, and white high-heeled sandals. Long, flirty eyelashes add even more depth to Neema’s sable-colored eyes.


"Shining Example" Neema
“Shining Example” Neema

Evocative of Yves Saint Laurent’s Spring-Summer 1967 African Collection, “Shining Example” Neema is a sight to behold and a must in any fashion doll collection! A silk little black dress peeks from underneath a sensationally luxurious black net overdress embroidered with abandon in copper and honey-colored sequins and beads. Statement-making beaded necklaces and bracelets augment the glow, while sexy black faux patent leather boots play foil to this fashion extravaganza. Marcel waves and soft curls create a hairstyle sophisticated yet playful. Black eyelashes emphasize the serenity of Neema’s gaze.

"Straight and Narrow" Neema

“Straight and Narrow” Neema

Cause a girl has every right to rock the block, “Straight and Narrow” Neema arrives in a coral soft-as-silk cotton-knit jumper that’s hugging her every curve. An ultra-versatile light pink long sleeved turtleneck lets Neema keep her cool in case it turns chilly, while her fire-engine red, high heeled, lace-up boots communicate that Neema is going places. Big gold tone hoops add restrained bling. “Straight and Narrow” Neema debuts a rooted plaited hairstyle boasting wires in each braid, an open invitation for hair play! Eyelashes, long and dark, finish the urban vibe look.

"Charmed I'm Sure" Neema

“Charmed, I’m Sure” Neema

Unadulterated and undiluted glamour is what “Charmed, I’m Sure” Neema is all about. And to be frank, we were not expecting anything but from the creative mind of Robert Tonner for his very first Neema doll in a formal gown. The one-shoulder bodice of silk shantung is appliquéd with embroidered and beaded lace. A billowing skirt of cut-to-look-like-feathers yarn adds textural balance and is made for dancing the evening away! Pink net gauntlet gloves receive the same embroidered and beaded appliqued treatment as the bodice. Pendant earrings of pink-champagne faceted beads drop elegantly from Neema’s ears. Two braided buns crown the side-gathered, long haired rooted hairstyle. Velvety-black eyelashes, of course!

Ellowyne Wilde

"Earning Her Stripes" Ellowyne Wilde

“Earning Her Stripes” Ellowyne Wilde

Warm weather versatility is what “Earning Her Stripes” Ellowyne Wilde is all about. The three main pieces of this mini-wardrobe VDC exclusive dressed doll allow Ellowyne to enjoy a morning of sightseeing in a linen-textured striped shorts and blouse combo. As the sun sets, Ello adds a matching wide skirt and she’s ready to welcome friends by the pool. Accessories include a brown leatherette belt with cooper engraved buckle and matching high-heeled sandals. A magnificent trio (it’s a recurring theme here!) of necklaces made with a glorious diversity of faceted stones as well as gold beads makes “Earning Her Stripes” a veritable treat for all fans of Ellowyne Wilde. Ellowyne’s gorgeous cognac hair punctuates the desert color palette while her copious eyelashes adorn her deep amethyst eyes.

"Earning her Stripes Ellowyne" is one of two Ellowynes that participants can purchase.
After viewing Robert Tonner's video preview of counter samples of Neema this past February, adding at least one of these lovely dolls to my collection has been at the top of my doll wish list and now the time is almost here! 

I know I am not alone in my excitement over the dolls (based on the over 6000 video views) and the Facebook chatter in doll groups where heightened anticipation for the dolls has been expressed.

View the VDC programs and activities and register on August 15, 2022, at the VDC website here. Don't miss this!

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