Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Dollfun Hanna and Gloria

Dollfun World Girls Hanna, an 18-inch doll from the Girls Around the World Collection

An 18-inch doll by Dollfun named Hanna from their Girls Around the World Collection represents an African American girl who likes to travel. Hanna was a gift from a dear friend. Her online description reads: 

Join the voyage and share the experience with Hanna. She is African American and likes to learn about the many native costumes in Africa. Her favorite outfit is her sleeveless white top and mustard skirt because it never fails to make her feel comfortable yet stylish. Hanna always imagines her perfect vacation and the outfit that goes with it.
Dollfun Hanna is seen in a close-up photograph.

She is a beautiful doll with mounds of black-rooted curly hair that I decided to pull up to give her a more youthful appearance. 

Dollfun dolls have vinyl heads with rooted hair, stationary eyes with painted and applied upper eyelashes and painted lower eyelashes, brown cloth bodies, and full vinyl arms and legs. Hanna's eyes are brown.

Her original clothes include a lightweight knit tan jacket, a white camisole, a yellow skirt, and pink panties. She has an orange and tan shoulder bag and yellow and white lace-up shoes. Hanna wears multicolor square-framed eyeglasses. 

After taking the first two photographs with Hanna dressed in the original clothes, I immediately stored the clothes and tried several different outfits on Hanna. Photos of the fashions she tried on first are captured in the first video.

Next, Hanna tried on more fashions made for 18-inch dolls. Again, she was photographed, and the photographs are combined in the second video that I narrated.

Dollfun Gloria

During Amazon Prime Day 2022, I ordered Dollfun Gloria from the College Girl Collection after discovering the original price of $49.99 was reduced to $20. (Imagine me doing a happy dance here.)

Gloria posed for a close-up.

Gloria uses the same beautiful head sculpt as Hanna. Like, Hanna, Gloria wears round tortoise-shell-framed eyeglasses. Her black rooted hair is straight, styled in a pun (half ponytail/half bun). I like Gloria's college-girl fashion much better than the clothing Hanna wore originally. So, she will not be redressed.  

Dressed for fall or winter weather, Gloria wears a white Oxford shirt, a blue and red plaid pleated skirt, a brown pullover sweater, navy-blue tights, and black patent-leather loafers with fringe and tassels. She has a black faux leather satchel that has a handle and a removable strap.

Gloria's satchel is nicely constructed of black faux leather

Gloria models her satchel.

DollFun Hanna and Gloria

The overall quality of Dollfun dolls is very good but their heads tend to be somewhat wobbly; Hanna's is looser than Gloria's. The vinyl is very firm. I'd like to pierce their ears, but that might require drilling holes in the earlobes. With a little elbow grease, maybe I can force a pushpin in them, but I'll wait.

Amazon periodically reduces the price of DollFun dolls and accessories. Follow the links below to the dolls mentioned in this post. Additionally, I've added a link to Gloria as a lawyer, and the link to the DollFun Amazon store.


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