Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bratz are Back...

...but wait... did they ever leave or just slow down in production during the MGA/Mattel litigation over copyright infringement? Word has it that the litigation has ended with MGA maintaining rights to produce dolls. The new and improved Bratz are scheduled for release just in time to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Jade and Sasha, pictured here are 10th anniversary dolls.

From what I've seen, the dolls appear a little less attitudinal and show less skin than the original bunch. Their features are more refined, although their barely there noses couldn't possibly get any smaller. Their new 'do's improve their overall appearance.

What do you think?

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  1. I really couldn't get into the Bratz before now although I do have a Bratz Kid and a Bratz Little Angel in my collection of dolls just for collecting's sake. I like this toned down look of the new Fall Bratz line much better.

    The Moxie Dolls also have a new line called Moxie Teenz that will be available this month in stores and are pre-selling online. The names of the dolls are Arizona, Tristen Bijou and Melrose. I'm keeping my eyes open for a Bijou doll when I can find her in the store. The pics that I saw of her are super cute. Now let's just hope that the actual doll is just as cute. (crosses fingers)

  2. Hi Hugs - I saw MGA's Moxie Teenz this past weekend at Toys R Us. Unfortunately, the one that I would buy (Bijou) was not available. Supposedly, Bijou will not be released along with the others and will be released in limited stores. I am not sure how MGA will determine the locations for Bijou, so if you find her in your area, grab her! Target.com shows Bijou's image on their website, but the doll was not in stock. I will keep checking their website (http://www.target.com/MGA-Entertainment-Moxie-Teenz-Doll/dp/B003ANSGPK/ref=nr_rvi_1)and order online to avoid the hassle of driving to local stores and being disappointed if the doll is unavailable.


  3. Noses, noses! The blackbirds got their noses!

    When the Bratz get noses, I might become interested. These dolls are an improvement over the previous models - head proportion better for one thing - but still ... noses!

    Let them BREATHE!

  4. Aw, if they are placing Bijou in stores according to ethnic demographics then they will probably never place one in a store near me. I'd rather make my purchase from the store but it seems that I may have to end up getting her online. Drats!

    I was amazed when I found my Moxie Sasha Doll in the store here in my area. There were very few of her though and they never replenished the stock with Sasha or her replacement Bria. I only see the other girls available.

    LOL @ D7ana.....yes, the Bratz do need better noses.


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