Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bijou, Oh Bijou, Where are You?

Moxie Teenz Bijou

After learning about MGA Entertainment's new line of 14-inch, articulated, vinyl dolls approximately a month ago, I immediately searched for and viewed online images to see if the line included a dark-skinned doll.  Initially, I thought Arizona was "it," because she, along with the other two readily available dolls was located on websites available for ordering.  The fourth, unreleased doll was either not mentioned or shown as "out of stock."

I visited a local Toys R Us soon after viewing the dolls online and after learning that Bijou is actually the darkest of the four (the most tan, is a better description).  Others had looked in their areas and found Bijou... absent.   Rumors were afloat that MGA Entertainment's plan is to release the doll in "select" areas (based on what, I thought, demographics?) Arizona, Tristen, and Melrose were in stock at my local Toys R Us while Bijou was missing in action.  Hmmm... "I thought."

My question:  Bijou, oh Bijou, where are you?  Why did MGAE not release you along with the other dolls in the line?  Is this a marketing tactic to influence doll-buying consumers to want you more?  Is this an attempt to boost the sales of the other three?  What is really going on?

After reading the third comment to an unrelated blog, I also wrote MGAE to inquire about Bijou's release.  Their reply follows:

Unfortunately, we cannot inform you of a specific date when this particular doll will be available at retailers. We can tell you that most new items for Fall are released in August. Please keep checking with your retailers on a periodic basis for availability.

Thank You,

MGA Entertainment
In person at TRU, Arizona was tempting, but not enough for me to purchase.  I am still holding out for Bijou whenever, wherever she surfaces.




  1. Arizona is a cutie pie and she did tempt me enough to get her as a companion doll for Bijou. I think that the Tristan doll is beautiful too. Her eyes and dark hair are simply gorgeous to me but I absolutely refuse to purchase her until (or unless) Bijou is released. Bijou is the doll that I really want. FREE BIJOU!!!!!! Tee hee.

    I am also still waiting for the Bria doll that was scheduled to come out. She was to be a companion doll for my Sasha. Let's see if they make good on their promises. All I can say is that we must continue writing and calling until they actually HEAR us.

  2. We really do have to keep sending in those cards, letters, and emails to express OUR needs to doll manufacturers. Otherwise, we will be overlooked. If sales are adequate on what is on the market, the assumption will be made that they're offering what we want. (Which in most cases is so not true.)

    As for Bria, it was initially stated that she would replace Sasha (Moxie Girlz). I have not investigated to find out if Bria (the doll -- I've seen the Bria styling head) will be manufactured. Maybe another email to MGAE is in order.

    Thanks for commenting.


  3. Oops, I stand corrected, Moxie Girlz Bria has been made, but is either always MIA when I browse the toy aisles at local stores, or has never been stocked locally. I did a cursory search for "Moxie Girlz Bria" and found an image of an actual doll on Flickr: . The Artsy doll, fashion packs, and styling head are currently available at .


  4. The same thing happen when American Next Top Model dolls came out! You could not find the black doll anywhere,I don't even think she came out! They need to stop doing that because its getting a little dumb.................

  5. Until now, I had never heard of America's Next Top Model dolls. I'll have to investigate. Thanks!



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