Friday, July 23, 2010

New York Black Doll and Art Show Recap!

Click here to access the recap of the July 10, 2010, New York Black Doll and Art Show.  According to the comments and image slideshow, this was a  fabulous event!  I'm sure the best is yet to come!

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  1. Going to one of these shows is definitely on my "Bucket List". Thanks for sharing the access to the recap.

    P.S. I purchased a Moxie Teenz doll today. There wasn't a Bijou doll to be found so I ended up with Arizona. She is very pretty but Bijou is still on my wish list. Has anyone actually seen a Bijou doll in a store? Is she even selling online?

  2. You're welcome, Hugs!

    I examined Arizona again last week at TRU when I went there to see if the new SIS dolls were in. She is a pretty doll. They all are, but I'm holding out for Bijou, who supposedly will be available soon at Toys R Us.

  3. Last evening, I contacted MGA via email and expressed the "importance" of Bijou and other dolls like her to be represented in stores. I also let them know that I would share their response with you and our AA doll collectors group here.

    They were very prompt with their reply and assured me that Bijou would be making her way into some stores in the Fall.

    A manager that I spoke with at TRU told me the only way to see more representation in stores is to let our voices be heard by contacting the doll manufacturers directly and to do so as much as possible.

    Oh and speaking of SIS dolls.... I found a JULIAN hiding behind some other dolls. I couldn't believe my eyes and I snapped him up quickly along with a JANESSA doll. (doing the happy dance)

  4. Thanks so much for writing MGA, Hugs, and for sharing their prompt reply. I will share this with my doll group and urge them to continue to keep those emails, letters, and phone calls active. We've been letter and email writers to doll manufacturers and artists for time immemorial and we won't stop now. We've voiced our complaints to department store managers in the absence of fair representation of ALL types of dolls, specifically black dolls, when a black doll is known to be available. I've had to do this since the birth of my daughter, who is now 32! It's 2010 and the battle to convince manufacturers and artists that black dolls DO sell is ongoing. Will they ever realize that not all collectors and parents settle for what's available in the absence of what they desire?


  5. PS - Hugs, please post MGA's contact information here so others can email them to request the expeditious, widespread release of Bijou (not just in select areas, as has been rumored).

    Thanks again!


  6. This is the way that I accessed them by email.
    1. Go to
    2. At the bottom right of the page click the MGA button.
    3. At the bottom left of the MGA page, click CONTACT INFO. Underneath the USA mailing address and phone number there is an EMAIL button you can click to access them by email.

    There are also ways to contact them Internationally. The information is displayed on the same page.

    If everyone takes a moment to email, call or write a letter to MGA and other doll manufacturers as well, then our voices will be heard. We shouldn't have to do the happy dance just because we FOUND "one" doll hiding in the back. Everyone please express the importance of our little girls being able to easily access dolls that mirror them.


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