Monday, July 12, 2010

Collecting and Giving Paper...

... paper dolls, that is. 

I recently ordered several items from Diana E. Vining’s Paper Doll Shoppe for myself and a few extras as gifts.  Yes, I collect paper dolls, too.

Coloring book and Happy Birthday card designed by Diana E. Vining (

My young niece, who will be 5 later this month will enjoy Diana’s new paper doll coloring book, which has several pages to color with fashions and dolls to cut out for the paper doll.  A cute, Happy Birthday paper doll greeting card will accompany the coloring book and other items I plan to ship my niece.

For a close, non-doll collecting friend, who recently mentioned, “They don’t make paper dolls anymore,” I ordered two of Diana’s paper doll sheets, Roselle and Edie Mae. I know L. will enjoy owning these.

New to the shop are standing, "Glittery Greetings" paper dolls fashioned after Victorian-era paper dolls.

Because I love sending and having all types of greeting cards on hand, my order included paper doll greeting cards.

Two boxed sets of blank note cards

Through paper doll play, girls are allowed to use their imagination. The gesture of sending handwritten notes of gratitude and paper greetings is a tangible way to illustrate to the recipient that the sender cares.   A girl is never too old to play with or collect paper dolls, and the tradition of sending paper greetings should never become passé.

Adorable bookmark

Check out Diana’s new paper doll offerings here. There is something for everyone--birthday and holiday greeting cards, thank you notes, boxed note cards, and other items, most with a paper doll theme. The cute-as-can-be bookmarks have yarn hair!

Frame-worthy personal hand drawn greetings from Diana, cut out from envelopes/mailers and saved from prior orders (the art is just too cute to discard!)

For the paper doll collector, Diana’s paper dolls are “dollightful” to own. They are also excellent gifts for family and friends!

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  2. Diana's new products are GORGEOUS! Thanks for sharing Debbie!


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