Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Who Am I - Pedigree/NZ (New Zealand)?

The owner of this doll desires to know its identity and more about Pedigree dolls made in New Zealand. 

The doll is described as follows:
She is 26cm [10 inches] tall, has a Green bead necklace on a Red thread, grass skirt over a Red material.

The back of her head says PEDIGREE (only just readable) the tag on her skirt says PEDIGREE MADE IN N.Z.

She is a soft rubber/plastic type doll. Her eyes [don't] close, she has Red cheeks. (refer to photo)

I would like to know a bit about Pedigree dolls made in N.Z, i can only find hard plastic walky talky type that were made in England.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again, Dave Rushbrook.
Chiefly distributed in the United Kingdom, Pedigree dolls and dolls made using Pedigree doll molds were also made and sold in other countries, New Zealand being one of them.

The following link offers information about Lines Brothers, who made Pedigree dolls:


This unknown tribal doll, based on the material from which it is made (vinyl/rubber), is circa 1960s.

If you can help Dave ID this doll and/or add additional information about Pedigree dolls made in New Zealand, please do so as a comment to this blog.  Thanks!

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  1. ID'd! With the help of Leeanne S., who owns a near complete one, this doll is a Pedigree Maori doll (representing the indigenous people of New Zealand). Upon googling "Pedigree Maori Doll," I found an eBay listing for one with box wearing what appears to be its complete costume. Thanks, Leeanne!

  2. i had one the same as this only she had her origanil full costume wich included a feather cloack made from sack like fabric with weaving around the top and on her necklace was a tiki they came in 2 different sizes i had both and are around 40 years old were sold as soveniers i think but are pdeigree nz

  3. Hi I'm from New Zealand and I would say that this is a male doll. And yes definitely Maori (like me).

    1. Thank you (Anonymous) for the gender assignment of this doll. So often when gender is ambiguous, doll collectors immediately assume a doll is female. I appreciate your stopping by and correcting us.


    2. I have the same exact doll, but you are missing the feather cloak, as stated previously. The doll was given to my daughter by a British couple living in Trinidad, West Indies and had been part of their daughter's doll collection. We rented their house in Trinidad in 1994. Does anyone have an approximate value for this doll?

    3. @Anonymous - not sure about approximate value. The doll is probably worth more to someone who collects this type of doll than a general doll collector. You could conduct a "completed items" search on eBay for "Maori" dolls to see what dolls of this type are selling for at auction. What I always tell people who are seeking value references for dolls is this: "A doll/item is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it at a given time."



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