Friday, July 23, 2010

Who Am I - Doll from Australia?

From time to time, I receive emails requesting help with dolls' identification, specifically black dolls.  While I do not offer free appraisals, if I know a doll's name, its maker, and/or year of manufacture, I do not mind sharing that information.  The most recent request for aid in identifying a doll came in this week.  I was not able to offer the owner any information about this interesting doll.  With her permission, I am posting the picture and the information she shared about it here. 

My name is Michelle and I live in Brisbane, Australia.
I'm trying to find some information about a doll I own...and have owned since the 70s (it may be older as it was passed on to me by someone else) but can't find any information. I was wondering if you had ever seen a doll like this before.
The only marking is DA1 in a circle and JapanHe's about 29cm (11.4inches) tall and is made of a hard plastic. His arms move and his body twists at the chest.

Anything you could add would be really helpful.

Thank you.



Can you help Michelle identify her doll?   Thanks!

dbg ◦

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  1. I hope someone will be able to identify this doll. The facial expression is simply adorable.


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