Monday, January 9, 2012

The Ones that Almost Got Away

To refresh your memory or introduce you to this continuation blog post, in December, a would-be thief attempted to steal a package from my porch that was left unattended by UPS. A neighbor (angel) witnessed the crime and called the police, who recovered the package minutes after it was stolen.

The following dolls are the ones that almost got away:

Nina in Bold Print and Nina Ballerina by Robert Tonner, 1994

Full view of the two Ninas

Duplicate dolls in the collection, Amalia and Kyra by Helen Kish -- the seller's price was too low to refuse this double-doll auction, even though I already owned dolls like these.

The duplicate Kish dolls joined the twins who were already here.

Imagine my devastation had the box not been recovered by the police.
With subsequent deliveries, the postman always knocks now each time he has a package for me. UPS, on the other hand does not knock or ring the doorbell, even though I called and requested them to do so after the incident occurred and despite the orange neon sticky note on my mailbox that instructs them to please knock.

I did enroll in UPS My Choice to receive email alerts 24 hours before a package is scheduled to be delivered.  With this service, UPS sends an email alert the day of delivery and after the package is delivered.  So far this has worked well. 

I continue to thank God for my neighbor and for the police officers' immediate response.


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  1. I can't imagine what you were feeling knowing that some of your dolls may be lost forever. They are all lovely dolls. It's amazing that the police were actually able to retrieve the package. I would have loved to have seen his face when he got caught.

  2. Panic... my body literally trembled inside and out for the few minutes, which seemed like hours before the policeman rang my doorbell with the package. The whole event maybe lasted 30 minutes or less (it's still a blur) from the time I saw him running down the street with the package until the policeman rang my doorbell with it.

    All I can say is that God intervened, Vanessa.


  3. That are beautiful! I am so happy they were not lost to you! Great pics of them :)


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