Monday, January 2, 2012

Running the Numbers

This morning I recorded the last 2011 doll inventory worksheet entry. I was startled when I reached line 101. Did I really purchase 100 dolls in 2011?  (The first line contains the column headings.) 

Snapshot of Excel 2011 doll inventory worksheet

I filtered the worksheet columns to determine how many gift entries the worksheet includes and discovered a combination of 19 dolls received as gifts or purchased as gifts.  That leaves a sum total of  81 dolls I purchased for myself -- too many to add to an already burgeoning doll population.

Midway into 2011, I stopped recording dolls purchased as gifts, so I know the gift total is not accurate.  The total of dolls purchased for myself may be also be slightly off, but not in my favor.  I may have forgotten to record a purchase or two.

I felt slightly better after comparing this year's total with the staggering 141 and 144 totals from 2010 and 2009, respectively.  In my defense, some entries for the three consecutive years are for paper dolls, which do not require much space, and in 2011 I did begin to downsize my collection. Through eBay and doll lay aways, I found new homes for 42 dolls.

In 2012 and the years to follow, I resolve to do better by enjoying what I have and downsizing even more.  It's a must!


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  1. Well I will pat you on the back for at least selling off part of your collection this year. I can imagine that must have been hard. So when you subtract the 42 from your 81, you did well.

  2. Thanks, Vanessa. The goal this year is to find new homes (through sales) for 60 dolls by the end of the year. With the exception of the first two-doll set, listed on eBay today, I'm not sure which dolls make up the other 58, but I'm on a mission.


  3. That is great Debbie!! I started on yesterday organizing my doll room which will include getting rid of several dolls. I took before pics of the room and once I am finished I will share pics. It is too much of a disaster to share right now. Lol! I am not having as hard of a time as I thought I would in choosing who has to go. It may be because I also know that it is a must.

  4. Georgia Girl - You and I have realized we are not as attached to some dolls as we once were. Knowing this makes letting go easy.

    There used to be a time during my collecting infancy that I thought I would never consider selling a doll. Times and limited space have brought about a change.

    I look forward to seeing your pictures and good luck with your downsizing and reorganizing.



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