Friday, January 13, 2012

Shout Out to Steve, the Target Customer Service Guy

New So In Style Darren and Marissa, (Grace and Trichelle are also included in this series).

Before Target corrected the price of the So in Style Rocawear dolls from $24.99 to $11.99, I wondered about those who had purchased the dolls at the higher, incorrect price  -- if that price is disclosed as incorrect (I thought) will they be given a price adjustment? I didn't think Target would do it, but they did in Yvonne's case, who shared her experience in a comment to my "I Heard from Mattel," post.  Her (orchardlady) comment is copied below.

I wanna give a shout-out to the Target customer service guy, Steve, who worked with me today as I asked for a refund of the difference between what I had paid for SIS Marisa in early December, and what she CORRECTLY sells for now. KEY: once the doll’s store item # [not barcode] was corrected in the system, it didn’t match the store item # on my receipt. He listened to me as I explained the emails and letters sent to Target about the pricing, walked me to the doll aisle, checked the shelf tags, and understood that the $24.39 price was for the 2-doll Locks of Looks sets (which, as far as he knew, was what I had purchased, according to the item # on my receipt). Most importantly, Steve believed me … and refunded me the difference. I’m not sure another employee would have done that without checking further with corporate. And did I mention that he had left the returns counter to head out for lunch, but came back thru the door and to a register to help me, the next person in line … ?

If there are others who purchased the So In Style Rocawear dolls for more than $11.99 at Target, who still have the receipts, take the receipt and the doll(s) back to Target to get a price adjustment.   Arm yourself with a printout of this post and/or my previous blogs here and here as proof that the price above $11.99 was incorrect.

Way to go, Steve. What you offered Yvonne was true customer service!  We need more people like you who are willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to render service to customers before, during, and after a purchase. 


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  1. All right, Debbie! Not only for getting the message through about the price, but ALSO for putting in a good word for Steve, the customer service guy. Customer Service is one of the NASTIEST jobs there is, with ingrates, criminals and just plain JERKS being the rules, rather than the exceptions.

    While there are a lot of bad customer service reps as a result of the above conditions, there are also some good ones, like your friend Steve, and far too often, they don't get even so much as a simple, "Thank you," or "Good job," from the good customers, let alone their bosses.

    Do him a favor, though, and tell the manager of your Target store that he was very helpful and courteous, and you really appreciate it. It will make Steve's day to hear something like that, and probably blow his boss's mind!

  2. Miladayblue -- thanks for your comment. Had this been my experience, you could rest assured that a letter of commendation and/or a phone call to Steve's superiors would be high on my agenda and would have taken place before I published this post.

    This was the experience of another collector that I felt compelled to share here because Steve is proof that good customer service employees do exist and that WE NEED MORE PEOPLE LIKE HIM.

    BTW, Yvonne (the collector Steve helped), plans to share her positive experience with Steve's superiors.


  3. That was wonderful of Steve to wade through that pricing mess and do the right thing.

  4. Rocawear is my favourite Mattel serie of all times


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