Saturday, January 28, 2012

Oh No... Not Another Repaint!

Yes, but my husband did this one... well most of it.  After his critical review of my first repaint, I  challenged him to do better. 

Using Mattel's original Artsy Fashionista (a thrift store find a few months ago, that by the way has one of the most perfect articulated doll bodies), he removed all manufactured facial paint.  A combination of brush-tip markers (we do love our markers) and paint were used for her new eyebrows, eyes, hint of eyelashes, and nostril shading.  Initially he used a dark brown marker for her lip color that I did not like and had him remove immediately.  I repainted her teeth with white fingernail polish and used  iced copper fingernail polish for her lip color.  This was sealed with clear fingernail polish.  The inner lips were then outlined with my trusty brown ultra fine-tipped Sharpie to add definition and to lessen her toothy smile.  All applications of paint/markers were allowed to dry before the final sealing was done.

I did not like her initially, but after "I" defined her eye color and repainted her lips, I have warmed up to her nicely.  She is definitely a one of  kind and needed to be redressed in something that matched her new face.  That pink Fashionista dress wasn't working well for her.

Artsy Fashionista before and after my husband's repaint with my added touches.

For Jorge, a close-up of Artsy (now named Reghan by my husband). This photo was taken before Reghan was redressed.  Click the above image  or the one below to enlarge.

Repainted Artsy wears Mixis Piao Liang Girl fashion*.  Shoes are from the Barbie Basics Look No. 02 Collection 001.5.  I pierced her ears and added gold studs. 

*The pants are adjusted to fit Artsy's smaller-than-Mixis's waistline using double-sided tape at the back closure.


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  1. I like her!! You two are funny with your friendly competition. He did a great job. I would have loved to see a picture of that brown lipstick. The outfit suits her new look perfectly.

  2. You and Mr. G work well together, she's beautiful!

  3. Uh Oh! Now you've got your husband playing with the dolls too. Who know were that could lead! Great repaint.

  4. Great job! Will you husband be taking commissions? Lol! I love her new look and what a fun competition.

    Happy Saturday!

  5. Very Interesting!
    More By The Sense Of Share In A Relationship As A Marriage!
    Congratz For Your Choice,Debbie!
    You Have A Good Husband!
    I'd Just Want To See It In Close!
    The Picture Could Be A Close,Showing Better The Detaisl Of The Job.
    I Know I'm Suspect Because I Love To Close My Dolls On Photos...But In A Re-Paint Register...A Close Is Important!But Anyway The Importance As I Said It's The Share Sense Of Your Husband.At This Distance...She Looks Good!!Congratz For The Atittude!!

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Vanessa, he's the competitive one,
    but I enjoy giving him a run for his money!

    Margaret, we're a pretty good duo. I'm still trying to get him to sculpt a doll, or complete the one he started years ago.

    LOL @ Limbe Dolls and Georgia Girl -- no commissions.

    Jorge, thank you for your very honest comments. I will post a link to the 1st picture later. For now, you can click the 2nd picture to get a closer, more detailed look.


  7. He did a great job! It funny how the "challenge" worked out for you. You ended up with a better looking doll!

  8. I hadn't even thought about it like that, Brini. But you're absolutely right!


  9. Ohh,Hi,Debbie!!
    Just Now I Returned To See The Close Up Of The Re-Painted "Gal".
    Thank You For The Kindeness!
    It Was A Interesting Job!!
    Congratz For Your Husband!!


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