Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Note From and To Brazil Reader

After purchasing my second book, Black Dolls A Comprehensive Guide..., Rossano Gomes and I have corresponded by email on a few occasions.  After sharing images with me, I featured some of the dolls in his collection in a past blog post.

Rossano recently purchased a paperback version of my third book, The Doll Blogs: When Dolls Speak I Listen.  He sent me a very touching email and allowed me to share the following excerpt:

Hi, dear Debbie…

I should have written before to thank you [for your] book, your letter and for putting the Amazon review I made for your second book on the last cover of your third book…

I love your third book. I kinda could put myself in your place (in the good sense of it), [feeling] what you felt each time you bought or received through the mail one of the dolls you described in your book.

THANX A LOT for translating all those feelings in words and sharing them with your readers.

Can God always give blessings to you and your family.


I replied:

Hi Rossano,

...I wanted to let you know that your kind words about my book touched my heart. The fact that you were able to re-live my experience with each doll lets me know the book has touched (at least) one person and that writing it was well worth the effort. Thank you again for sharing your reading experience with me.

In my lifetime,

Debbie Garrett
Thanks again, Rossano.  Your support is greatly appreciated!


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  1. It's too early in the morning to be this emotional! Very touching and nice!

  2. Very nice:) *applauding happily* love, love, love my book! Gonna have to get the other two!

  3. Dear Debbie!
    As I See By This Beautiful Post!
    Your Talent And Kindness Is Appreciated For Other Brasilian Ones!
    I Feel Very Happy For That And I Wish We Could Have A Visit Of You In Brasil In A Near Future.

    It Made Me Understand That Really Need To Read Your Books.And I Will Do That!
    But I´m Happy About This Shared Between Two Cultures By The Planet With Love And Kindness:Dolls As A Symbol Of Friendship Between Nations By The Planet!
    This Is Beautiful!!

  4. Simply wondeful!, especially for someone as special as you. I too appreciate what you do, the information you share and most important of all, your time. Thank you!

  5. EbonyNicole - thank you for your comment. Didn't mean to get you emotional, but I thought it was so very nice of Rossano to take the time to send me his personal note.

    Thanks for the applause, Chynadoll. So glad you're enjoying book 2. That one took 5 years to write! It was truly a labor of love.

    Jorge - What we do is universal; there are no language or cultural barriers that prevent us from appreciating the dolls we love to collect and read about. It is truly a one world society with reference to doll collecting. You included, I have met some wonderful people around the world as a result.

    Brini - Reading your comment almost choked me up. Thank you so much for enjoying what I enjoy doing -- writing about the dolls I/we love and hopefully offering invaluable information in the process.



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