Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Seeking Info on Doll Artist Elaine Lim

Recently a fellow collector shared images of dolls she purchased in lots that she desired to sell.  Most of the dolls were artist dolls dating back to the 1990s, possibly some more recent or older.  Of the dozen or so doll images viewed, I saw and purchased one that interested me.  The doll arrived last week and is a quite interesting.

Elizabeth by Elaine Lim ©1996, one-of-a-kind cloth doll

Elizabeth, according to her hang tag, was made in 1996 by Elaine Lim.  I was unable to locate information about the artist online, but I did locate the auction site where the doll was purchased.  I would love to know more about the artist.  If anyone can provide additional information about Elaine Lim, please share so I can include it in my 2013 doll database along with the information I entered after Elizabeth arrived.  Some of the database information, excluding price paid and current value, is outlined below:

Month-Year of Purchase Manufacturer/Artist/Year Made Name Description

March Elaine Lim, 1996 Elizabeth 7-inch doll (in seated position); 11-1/2 inches with legs extended; cloth with painted cloth face, molded/painted features (couple of paint rubs on nose and mouth); has black mohair wig, brown painted eyes, wears mauve jersey knit shirt, hand-knit mauve pullover vest with pastel knit balls on front and a white kitten pinned to vest; multicolored swirls of mauve, green, and peach patterns on cloth skirt; legs are made of green floral print fabric; wears a half slip, panties, and beige patent leather slip-on shoes.  Fingers are delicately separated with the palms of hands a lighter color than the dorsal surface.  Dark brown cloth used for body onto the front of which is sewn a black satin cloth bearing the artist's hot air balloon logo and name:  Elaine Lim.  Attached price tag reads:  $212.50; outside of hang tag reads Elizabeth ©1996; inside of hang tag reads:  Handmade contemporary fabric dolls Elaine Lim

Thanks in advance for any additional information that is offered.


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