Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Adéle on Kenya in Gunn

Close-up Adéle Makèda arrived recently with dye-stained arms as discussed here.  I tried to remove the stains using Oxy-10, which was applied heavily and allowed to remain on the areas for about 10 days.  Unfortunately, the unsightly stains remained.  A new, fully or more articulated body was planned for her anyway, but I thought I would give the stain removal a try.

Rock Star Kenya's complexion closely matches Adèle's.  So I decided to use her body even though the waist is not articulated.  Due to my impatience (I really need to work on improving this flaw), I broke the head connector when Kenya's head was removed and had to rig another one for Adéle whose head/body connector would not work with the Kenya body.   I won't go into the details of explaining what I did to fashion a new one, because it is unstable (wobbly) and not something I would recommend.  What I would recommend is to exercise patience if you ever elect to use any Fashion Madness Kenya dolls as body donors.  Specifically, I suggest following Roxanne's tip of using a blow dryer to soften the head to remove it, if you need the neck connector to remain intact.

Because Kenya dolls are slightly shorter, Adèle lost a little height with the body swap, but her body is not stained and her arms are articulated at the wrists and elbows, unlike the original body.  I dressed her in the Tim Gunn (for Barbie) ensemble of black trench coat, houndstooth scarf, black ankle boots, and sunglasses.  She wears her original earrings.
Close-Up Adéle with new body and fashion

In the two images below (click to enlarge), Adéle is joined by the other Adéle dolls in my collection.
Adéle Makèda, L-R:  Close-Up, Urban Antoinette, Something Sexy, and High Brow
They are all uniquely beautiful with perfect (or near perfect) articulated bodies.  


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  1. Thanks for sharing these dolls ... I love to see different body sizes.

  2. She looks chic in her new outfit. She reminds me of one of my friends. I would love to add Something Sexy to my collection.

  3. D7ana,

    You're welcome. I think basically the Adeles are teh same size, but with the new body given Close-Up, she lost a little height.


    Your friend must be lovely. I didn't make the connection until someone else mentioned that Close-Up Adele reminds them of Naomi Campbell. I can see that, too, now. Something Sexy is nice and I love High Brow, too.


  4. She maybe shorter but she still knows how to rock a style.

    I've heard that so many people have cracked their Kenya necks and it makes me leary of getting one. I'm not gentle with my dolls at all.

  5. The Gunn outfit looks great on her.

  6. Muff, Sandy, and MDW,

    Thank you for commenting.

    Adele is looking the only way she knows how to look: classy and stylish. The Tim Gunn fashion she wears had been here for months, waiting to be claimed.

    The Kenya bodies have proven problematic for some. I would not recommend them as body donors in the absence a heavy dose of patience.


  7. Adele looks great! I like the Kenya dolls but I think I will keep them as is. I am usually patient with removing the heads, but it seems that these heads are a little fragile. I love your Adele sisters...real cute! : )

    1. Thanks, GG!

      Good move to keep the Kenya dolls as they are.

      The Adeles do display and photograph well together.


  8. She looks great on her new body, Debbie! I love that fashion on her, and I love the photos with the other Adeles.


Thank you! Your comments are appreciated!