Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Molly's Doll Stand Misfortune

20-inch Molly by Virginia Erhlich Turner from 1993 had sustained vinyl damage from pressure caused by doll stand waist prongs.

I recently discovered the above illustrated damage to Molly's torso after attending to her best doll friend forever, Buttercup

The waist prongs of the doll stand on which Molly had been positioned for some 20 years caused the unsightly indentation in her vinyl.

Using a blow dryer, I warmed the vinyl to soften and reshape it to its near-original form.

"I'm all better now!"

After the repair, Molly was redressed and her hair was combed and refreshened with lemon Pledge furniture polish (it adds sheen to synthetic hair).  She is back on display where she stands without the aid of a doll stand. 

A quick share:  After taking the before picture, while I viewed the images to be certain the damage was clearly captured, I temporarily laid Molly on the kitchen counter.  She was there long enough for my husband to see her and to hold a one-sided conversation.

Husband to Molly:  What are you doing lying there smiling at me with that massive trauma to your chest?

Through it all, the repair and one-sided conversation, Molly just continued to smile.


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  1. LOL, your husband is funny. Good thing the dryer worked!

  2. Awww, Molly is such a sweetie. Glad you were able to make her whole again. I'm sure Molly was talking back to your husband. That smile says an awful lot.

  3. LOL@ what your husband said! This is a good tip. I'm glad that this worked for you!


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