Friday, March 1, 2013

Designed for a Princess Stunning on a First Lady

In a recent blog post, my Franklin Mint Official White House Portrait Michelle Obama doll debuted her new banged hairstyle.  Her new 'do shadows the new hairdo worn by the real First Lady Michelle Obama.  A comment to that post suggested the need for a red gown like the Jason Wu-designed inaugural gown.

This excellent idea offered by Paulette of Limbe Dolls prompted me to find one.  Knowing that Princess Diana doll ensembles by Franklin Mint also fit their Michelle Obama doll, I searched eBay for "Princess Diana red dress."  Initially, I found one like this, designed for the Princess Di doll.  I watched the auction for a few days, bid on it on the final day, but was outbid.  I was not discouraged because that dress is knee-length and I really wanted a full-length gown.  A few days later, I found, watched, bid on, and won the dress my doll now wears.

Franklin Mint's Michelle Obama wears red gown designed for their 16-inch Princess Diana doll.

The ensemble includes a full-length shimmery red gown with spaghetti straps, silver faux diamond and ruby encrusted earrings, and red pumps.  The doll wears her original Franklin Mint silver watch.

I love her new look which remains stunning and elegant.

Maybe later I will find a casual ensemble of two-piece sweater and pants and imagine her illustrating "The Evolution of Mom Dancing," performed by the real First Lady and Jimmy Fallon on one of his recent late-night shows.  On second thought, I think keeping her dressed elegantly in the red gown and watching the following YouTube video is better.  The second option will not require another eBay search, bid, and possible win or loss.

Thanks for the suggestion, Paulette! 


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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Erin. I'd like to add a silver necklace later. Her neckline seems too bare.


  2. The First Lady looks great! Do you think Franklin Mint will release another edition with the 2013 inaugural ballgown?

    1. Thanks, Paulette.

      Franklin Mint's doll (my doll) wore a black sleeveless dress; fashioned after the official White House Portrait that First Lady Michelle Obama took during the president's first term. This doll is vinyl. They never manufactured a doll wearing an inaugural ballgown.

      Danbury Mint manufactured a porcelain doll wearing a replica of the white, one-shouldered inaugural ballgown designed by Jason Wu during the president's first term.

      They have again (Danbury Mint) advertised a porcelain FLOTUS doll wearing a replica of the red gown designed by Jason Wu for this year's inaugural ball. You can see that doll here, but as they indicate in the fine print "actual doll will vary."


  3. Wow that is a stunning look and a perfect fit.


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