Wednesday, March 27, 2013

18-inch Starpath Dolls

Recently, blog follower, "Emma," shared information about a new set of 18-inch, vinyl dolls that were introduced at Toy Fair 2013.  They are called Starpath Dolls, described by the manufacturer as:  A unique doll and book combination where girls star in their own adventures.

Internet-captured image of 18-inch, vinyl Starpath Dolls: 

As seen in the above Internet-captured image, I agree with Emma that the African American doll (Wandering Star) looks very similar to Magic Attic Keisha.  The dolls, however, were designed by talented doll artist, Linda Mason.

According to the company's website, the dolls will be available in July 2013 in select stores and at the Starpath website.

Learn more about the dolls here and here.  Click the play arrow below to view a video of their Toy Fair 2013 debut.

Thanks again, "Emma," for sharing the information about the Starpath Dolls. 


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    Are you familiar with this new line of dolls that are suppose to resemble the "Grow Hair Dolls" by "Ideal" - popular from 1968-1976?
    Unfortunately, these new dolls lack the "grow hair mechanism" (push in naval and knob on the doll's back) for different hair lengths! Also, these dolls are EXTREMELY HIGH priced compared to the "Ideal" dolls! Even though their sites are filled with photos of pretty little girls clutching their new "Fashion Friends", I believe they are really intended more for the adult collectors who owned the "Ideal" dolls during childhood! Though how difficult could it have been to recreate the "Grow Hair Feature"?! Afterall, that's primary WHAT the nostalgia of these dolls is ALL ABOUT! "Patti Polkadots" reminds me of the AA Velvet!


    Sorry about the previous mistake!

  3. You are just a wealth of dollicious information. Thank you, Emma, for sharing the info about yet another new (inclusive) doll line.

    The Fashion Friends Dolls are indeed reminiscent of Ideal's late 1960s-70s, and reintroduced in the 80s, grow-hair Chrissy using the Velvet mold.

    With a price of $89 and even with a layaway payment plan, purchasing would be more enticing had the dolls also mimicked Ideal's grow-hair mechanism.

    The extra fashions and separate backstories are cute, but will those be enough for the dolls to sell well?



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