Friday, March 22, 2013

First Lady Michelle's Wired Cover Up

The last time she was seen, my Official White House Portrait Michelle Obama doll by Franklin mint was redressed in a Franklin Mint Princess Diana red gown, as shown here.  The dress is lovely, but the spaghetti strap style exposes too much "skin" in my opinion.

To add a more modest, elegant appeal, I creating a shawl using a wired sheer red ribbon that complements the shimmery red fabric of the dress.  The ribbon measures 1-7/8 inches x 18-1/2 inches (width x length).  To prevent fraying of the ends, I sealed the edges with a thin coat of clear fingernail polish.

The new shawl can be worn in either of the two ways illustrated below.

I like the second look better.


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  1. Hello from Spain, i agree with you, Michelle is more stylish with shawl. Nice outfit. Keep in touch

  2. The shawl adds a nice touch to her dress.

  3. The second look is my favorite too. You still get some understated sexiness with the straps showing.

  4. That's a very nice dress to begin with. The shawl finishes off the look. The second one is my fave, too.


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