Monday, January 15, 2018

A Gloria Grandy Cre8tiv Glory

One-of-a-kind 20-inch cloth doll by Gloria Grandy of Cre8tiv Glory

Doll artist, and Facebook friend, Gloria Grandy, makes dolls under the name, Cre8tiv Glory.  After viewing photos of some of her past dolls, I inquired about the above doll's availability in late November 2017.  Because she was still available and had already begun tugging at my heart strings, I made the necessary arrangements to bring this doll to her new home.

Her entry in my spreadsheet reads as follows:
OOAK 20-inch cloth doll with hand-painted facial features, Afro hairstyle, dressed in faux fur zebra dress with black faux leather belt, strappy black sandals; wears gold hoop earrings, and brass-colored beaded necklace with ankh pendant.

This profile photo illustrates the realistic texture of her Afro and also provides a close up of her brass hoop earrings.
Her handmade strappy sandals are made of cloth with felt insoles.  Her toenails, like her fingernails, are painted pink. 

Because of her huge black Afro, I named this doll Angela.  A few friends, six in all, traveled with Angela to her new home:

Ms. Grandy also makes flat felt bookmarks.  Each is a one of a kind with sewn-on fabric clothing, yarn hair, and painted facial features.

Close up of three of Grandy's flat felt bookmarks

Three more bookmarks by Gloria Grandy
I placed one of these inside the Florence Griffith-Joyner book that was sent to my niece for Christmas.  I now have five of Gloria's bookmarks.  They sell for $5 each plus shipping.  No two are alike.  Visit Gloria's Cre8tive Glory page on Facebook if interested in acquiring bookmarks and/or to view other dolls she has made.  

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  1. What an interesting looking doll! I always love seeing dolls made my artists as I love the creativity. This doll is very unique.

    1. Thank you, Phyllis. Art dolls are in the minority in my collection, but I enjoy their uniqueness and their ability to stand out in a crowd.


  2. Angela has a lot of personality! Love the painting of the eyes -- that's artistry to aspire to.

    1. Thanks Gini! Angela is a diva whose charm captivated me.



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