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Sophie Sister and Maru and Friend Mini Pals

Sophie Sister by Lollipop Toys

There has been a lag between my doll posts of late which has caused a delay in posting about the last doll purchases of 2017. This post will briefly illustrate and describe some of those dolls.

The dolls shown above and in a close-up photo next are "Sophie Sister," (which is a poor translation by the Jieyang, China-based company for possibly Sophie and Sister or Sophie Sisters).  Ms. Leo published a post about the identical boxed pair she found at a store in her area, which is how I learned about the dolls and eventually acquired my pair (thanks again, Ms. Leo).

Close-up of Sophie Sister (Sophie and Sister)
The dolls are 11-1/2 and 8-1/2 inches tall, respectively.  They have a grayish undertone to their vinyl complexion and unusually thin legs, but their faces are beautiful.  Both are dressed in white party-style dresses, wear pink shoes, and carry pink purses.  Their backs are marked:

041517 DF2017T1
MADE IN Jieyang China
Item #T/4853-4

The head of the larger doll is marked DF (which probably stands for Defa Lucy, another Jieyang, China-based maker of knock-off/clone fashion dolls.  Defa Lucy might be the same company that makes Sophie Sister dolls, but the name "Lollipop Toys" was on the front of my dolls' box).  The smaller doll's head is unmarked.

Their brunette hair is rooted.  Ms. Leo shared that they cannot be rebodied, so I will probably redress both in pants fashions to cover their super skinny legs.  Ms. Leo provides a detailed review, a link to which will be provided at the end of this post.


Raven Mini Pal Special Holiday Edition by Maru and Friends is a mini version of their 20-inch doll, Raven.

My preordered Raven Mini Pal Special Holiday Edition, sculpted by Dianna Effner for Maru and Friends, arrived in October of 2017.  This doll is a 13-inch, all-vinyl mini version of the company's 20-inch Raven doll.  Raven Mini Pal Special Holiday Edition is the second African American Mini Pal, with Halle Mini Pal (first seen here) being the first. Raven Mini Pal Special Holiday Edition wears a white taffeta dress and panties.  She wears red flats with red ribbon bow at vamp.  Her eyes are hazel.  Her dark brown wig has a slight coarse texture with two side braids in front.  The tartan plaid headband she wears matches the fabric used for the collar and the piping on the lower skirt of her dress.  This doll was produced in a limited edition of 200 and has a certificate of authenticity, which confirms this.

2017 WLBDA Holiday Limited Edition Raven Mini Pal
After I had already preordered Holiday Raven Mini Pal, the founder of Maru and Friends offered an exclusive limited edition of Holiday Raven Mini Pal to my doll group.  This doll is dressed in a lovely off-white dress with gold thread embellishment.  The dress collar is white faux fur.  She wears a white faux fur hat, white panties, and gold shoes that tie at the ankles.  She serves as our first Christmas doll.

Issued in a limited edition of 18 dolls, 2017 WLBDA Holiday Limited Edition Raven Mini Pal has a certificate of authenticity and a hangtag that defines her as our club doll.

The two Holiday Raven Mini Pals pose together.

The two holiday dolls pose with Halle Mini Pal whose head sculpt and hairstyle differ from theirs.

As indicated previously, here is the link to the detailed Sophie and Sister Review by Ms. Leo.

Posts regarding other 2017 doll purchases will follow in subsequent posts.

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