Monday, January 8, 2018

Christmas Dolls From a Friend

Top view of opened shipping box filled with beautifully gift wrapped presents from my closest doll friend

The dolls and Possible Dreams Santa figurine shown in this post were gifts from one of my closest doll friends.  She sent other items, but this post only focuses on the dolls and doll-related gifts.

35th Anniversary Barbie Keepsake fashions and 1960s Wendy by Uneeda.

The handwritten, dress-shaped note from my friend that covers Wendy's nude body reads:
This is a clone Barbie for you to color and dress (because she knows I will dye the doll).

The back of the 35th Anniversary Barbie Keepsake box illustrates and describes the two reproduction fashions it includes:  Roman Holiday (1959 #968) and another 1959 reproduction fashion called Easter Parade (#971).

Easter Parade Barbie repro fashion consists of an apple print, polished cotton sheath dress, black faille spring coat, headband bow fashioned from navy blue organza, black patent-look clutch, graduated pearl necklace, matching earrings, short white tricot gloves, and black open-toe pumps.

Roman Holiday is a reproduction of Barbie's original travel ensemble and includes a belted dress with matching red and white ribbed coat with red lining and gold buttoned front,  and a red straw cord half-hat with a bow in the back.  A white plastic purse holds black rimmed glasses in a plastic case, plastic comb, and hankie.  Also included is a tiny brass compact and a tiny pink puff.  Unlike today's Barbie clothes, these two 1959 reproduction fashions are reminiscent of the days when Barbie's fashion ensembles were truly mini replicas of high-end adult clothing and accessories.  Those were the doll playing days!

Annually, from this friend, I receive the current year's Barbie ornament, a close-up of which is next.

The 2017 Holiday Barbie ornament is a mini replica of the 11-1/2-inch Holiday Barbie doll.
Because she knows I like Silkstone Barbies (but rarely buy them), this year I received Little Red Dress Silkstone Barbie, a close-up of her lovely face is next.
Little Red Dress Barbie is from the Gold Label Collection, copyright 2014.
I also receive an annual African American Santa from this friend.  In most years the Santa has been a Possible Dreams Clothique Santa.  This year's Possible Dreams Santa is #4056716 "Baby's First Tree," which includes a kneeling Santa holding a red Christmas stocking in one hand and a list of children's names in the other.  A baby and a white Christmas tree with presents underneath are also included.  Santa has not been removed from the box, but will be displayed next year along with Santas from years past.  A stock photo of this Santa can be seen here.
The next blog posts will focus on the last dolls purchased in 2017 that I have not taken the time to write about.  Please stay tuned.

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  1. Wow, what a wonderful doll friend you have! Very, very nice gifts!

    1. Hi Phyllis and Happy New Year. Yes, she is the best!!!


  2. Awesome! Your friend is the greatest! I love everything that she gifted to you!!

  3. Hi,

    Congrats, and Happy New Year!

    I don't yet have an African-American Silkstone Barbie doll, and they are all so pretty that I can't really choose, but I have to admit that the Little Red Dress doll is super pretty!

    Peppermint Snowdrift

    1. Thank you, Peppermint. LRD Silkstone Barbie is as you've described her, gorgeous!


  4. Wow! Your doll friend is the best!!! I know what you mean about the good old days when Barbie’s wardrobe was fashioned after adult human clothes! I only started collecting about 8 years ago. My not finding those legendary Barbie outfits in the stores is what prompted me to pick up needle & thread!

    1. Yes, she is the best. I cannot repeat this statement enough.

      If I could sew where the end result meets my expectations, I would sew for my dolls, too, April. Or perhaps I should say if I had the patience to do it, I would.



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