Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Addy's New Shoes

Last month American Girl discounted Addy's school dress, which I ordered for my doll.  I expected it to include boots or another pair of period-appropriate footwear, but it did not.  Until the order for a pair of black boots that are similar to her original black boots arrived, Addy temporarily wore the outfit with more modern black flats, as shown above.

Before trying the boots on her, I decided to undress Addy and redo the lower row of weave that I had given her a few months ago (she has a total of three rows of added hair).  The ends of the last row were a little thin looking.  The new weaved row would eliminate that and add length.

Photo sequence of what was done:

Original Kanekalon hair crocheted onto a horizontal cornrow.
The original Kanekalon crocheted hair was removed and Addy's horizontal cornrow taken down.  This is how thin and straggly the lower portion of her original wig is, which is the reason for her weave.

While I was taking pictures, I decided to document that Addy is a Pleasant Company doll. Her numbers are 148/18.

A new cornrow was created with the lower weft of Addy's wig.  A bent paper clip was slid underneath the far right side of Addy's cornrow.

About 20 inches of Kanekalon hair that is about 1-inch wide has been crocheted onto the cornrow using the "hook" end of the open paper clip.

A second piece of Kanekalon was folded in half...
...and a loop created in the center of the hair.

The looped hair was inserted into the hook of the paper clip, which had already been slid underneath the cornrow.

The paper clip was pulled down to lead the hair down and underneath the cornrow.

After the paper clip was removed, the tail end of the hair was inserted into the looped hair and the ends pulled tight until the looped area formed a knot.  The two loose ends were then pulled apart to further tighten the knot.

Tightened knots of the two crocheted sections.

Full view of the two crocheted sections of hair.

The above-described process was continued until Kanekalon braiding hair had been crocheted onto the entire width of the cornrow.

As was done with the first "weave," using regular brown sewing thread and a regular-size sewing needle, I tacked each hoop of Kanekalon onto the cornrow.

The two top rows of crocheted hair and the top of Addy's own hair were blended in with the third row of weaved hair and the ends of the bottom row were trimmed.

Profile view:  Originally, the plan was to extend the weave only to below Addy's butt, but I decided to keep it floor length for a while.

Addy was redressed and given a faux fishtail braid.

Additional views of the faux fishtail braid

These are Addy's new boots which were ordered from an eBay seller.

With ribbons in her hair, boots on her feet, and her doll, Ida Bean by her side, Addy is ready for a productive school day.

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  1. I always love when you post things on Addy. Just amazing! And if you think of the elaborate hairstyles of the day, women’s (and girl’s) hair length was pretty long, so the added hair is period appropriate too. I really need to learn how to do a French braid, it’s one hairstyle that continues to elude me.

    1. It's good to know you enjoy my Addy posts, Julius. Addy's original hair was actually long, but with the play and love her former owner gave her, she lost both length and fullness of the ends. I found her on eBay a few years ago very well loved with hair "all over her head." I've given her the much needed love she craved and now with the extra hair, I know she's pleased. :-)


    2. I have such a thing for restoring pre-loved dolls there is something so satisfying when you can bring them back to their original (or as close to) beauty. Addy would definitely be Happy she found you. :)

  2. I call it a form of doll therapy -- bringing a preloved doll back to life. It's a great way to spend free time and take my mind off adulthood. :-)


  3. Addy looks beautiful. I love her weave.


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