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Hi:Glamm Nicole is All Legs

Hi:Glamm Nicole by MGA Entertainment/Giochi Preziosi

Reminiscent of Hasbro's 1972-1973 Leggy dolls (see link at end of this post), was a 2007 MGA Entertainment/Giochi Preziosi line of dolls called Hi:Glamm.  Like Hasbro's dolls, the Hi:Glamm dolls are all vinyl and have more legs than torso.  There were four Leggy dolls which were 10 inches tall.  The Hi:Glamm doll line included five, 12-1/2-inch dolls:  Nicole, Pam, Alex, Julia, and Kit.

The back of the box illustrates the eyes of each Hi:Glamm doll and includes each doll's theme.

Nicole's eyes are shown in this illustration on the back of the box.  Her theme: Emotions/Love is indicated.

With a complexion not properly colorized in the back-of-box eye image, my doll, Hi:Glamm Nicole, has the deepest complexion of the five dolls.

Measuring 8-1/4 inches, Nicole's long legs comprise 66% of her overall 12-1/2-inch height.  According to the back of the box, the excessively long legs are "for fun" with "long tights to wear."

Visible through her clear cellophane box is a card that reads in English, French, and Spanish:

I'm romantic and I'd like to marry my Prince Charming!
Her mission statement falls in line with her "emotions/love" theme.  (Nicole wants a man!)

The front and back of the box describe the dolls as "Special Ordinary Girls."  My description of Nicole, entered in my spreadsheet reads:

MGA Entertainment/Giochi Preziosi 2007*
Hi:Glamm Nicole, 12-1/2-inch all-vinyl fashion doll with extremely long legs that measure 8-1/4 inches long.   Nicole has brown hair, the ends of which are crimped.  She has painted green/black eyes.  Her outfit consists of a dark pink knit long-sleeved, midriff blouse with ruffled ribbon neckline; light pink mini skirt with curly furry fibers at the hemline; pink sheer, thigh-high leggings; light pink pumps with dark pink soles and heels; pink/brown animal-print, heart-shaped shoulder bag with lime green strap; and she wears a ribbon choker with pink beads and silver heart pendant.  A white plastic teddy bear is attached to Nicole's left arm.  Accessories attached to the box liner are a plastic framed photo of a blonde-haired guy, pink jewelry box (?); pair of pink bracelets: 1 dark pink, 1 light pink; pair of pink socks, and extra pair of multicolored striped thigh-high leggings.

Under the price column I noted that Nicole was a gift from Dawn Spears.  (Thank you again, Dawn!)

A plastic framed photo of a blonde guy is part of Nicole's accessories.

This appears to be a pink jewelry box.  The top of her extra pair of socks is also seen in this photo.

Heart-shaped pink and brown animal-print shoulder bag has a lime green strap.
Nicole has a cute teddy bear made of plastic.

Nicole's original retail price at Walmart was $19.94.

Nicole has a very lovely face.  Because I can see her and all accessories through the box, I have no plans to release her.  The following out-of-box nude and redressed photos were shared by eBay seller, evanonmarketing:

Nicole's lengthy legs are better viewed in this photo, courtesy of eBay seller evanonmarketing.

Evanonmarketing shared this headshot of a Nicole they offered on eBay recently.

Nicole and the other four Hi:Glamm dolls (and their human counterparts) can be seen in the following 30-second Hi:Glamm commercial from 2007.

A Leggy doll Wikipedia entry compares the Hi:Glamm dolls with their Leggy predecessors:

  • Nicole, a black bombshell who corresponds nicely to Leggy Sue,
  • Julia, whose hair is every bit as orange as Leggy Kate's,
  • Alex, a dark-haired beauty who resembles Leggy Nan,
  • Pam, whose long blonde hair brings Leggy Jill to mind,
  • Kit, an Asian with outrageous pointed bangs, who has no counterpart in the classic Hasbro "Leggy" line.
Hi:Glamm dolls were sold in several different global markets.  Like Leggy dolls, they did not remain on the market beyond a year's time.  The dolls, however, can still be found on the secondary market, specifically on eBay, usually offered by sellers outside the US.

*Giochi Preziosi S.p.A., also known as Gruppo Giochi Preziosi, is an Italian company that produces toys and TV series based on their toys. They work in association with Marathon Media and Mondo TV. (Wikipedia).

Hasbro's Leggy Doll Info

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  1. Both her body proportions and the stylized style of her facepaint bring Winx Club to mind to me.

  2. I can see some similarities, but are the Winx dolls' legs as disproportionately long as Hi:Glamm?


  3. Articulated (5 points plus knees/elbows/wrists) Winx dolls are 12" tall, and the leg (from hip joint to toe) is 7". Older (and proportionally smaller) "rubbery" Winx (5 points of articulation plus sort-of-bendable arms and legs) are 9" tall and hip joint to toe is 6". Jan McLean Lollipop Girls are 13" tall, and hip joint to toe is 7 1/2". Hi Glamm's face-ups remind me of Winx dolls, too.

    1. Thanks for those measurements, Gini. I do own a couple of Jan McLean's Lollipop dolls, but never really considered them "leggy" per se. This is probably because both dolls have never been removed from their boxes for me to examine or to notice. By far, Hasbro's Leggy dolls and the Hi:Glamm dolls have the longest legs of all.


  4. Congratulations on having such a pretty, unusual fashion doll, DBG! Hi:Glamm Nicole looks nice in her box. I remember The Leggy dolls, the Lollipop Girls, and the more recent Winx Club dolls.

  5. Replies
    1. It's good to know you enjoyed the reivew, MDW. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.


  6. IIRC on their now defunct website her area revealed that she was already engaged or something? And the blonde guy was the fiance, which is done since they are college girls. I have Kit & Julia but wish I'd grabbed her too.

    1. Thanks for the additional information about Nicole and her mystery guy, Andrew. I'll have to search to see if I can find her complete bio.



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