Saturday, May 15, 2021

Blogger End is Near

Around 1 a.m. today, 5/15/21, I read several emails from Blogger informing me that several of my blog posts had been removed. The emails stated the posts were against their malware rules. What? No additional explanation was given. The posts were removed... zapped, no longer on the Internet anywhere.

Most of the posts were old posts about B@rbie and So in Style dolls, but I don't know why they would have been considered in violation of Blogger's rules or suspected of being malware. 

My post about Where to Find Black Dolls is one that I spent a lot of time and research compiling as a service to collectors who focus on collecting Black dolls. The removal of that post without providing me an opportunity to correct anything that was against their rules was and remains very disheartening.

A few posts, written before receiving these notifications, are in draft mode. I will publish those posts within the next couple of weeks. After that, I must seriously consider whether or not I will risk Blogger's unreasonable censorship of my writing about my hobby and just focus my time on DeeBeeGee's Virtual Black Doll Museum posts hosted by WordPress and/or move my Black Doll Collecting posts to that platform.

I drafted this post immediately after discovering what Blogger had done. I wanted to add an image, so I left the post in draft mode for several hours until I found a suitable picture to add. About five hours later, I received several emails involving the removed posts that informed me that "after review," the posts have "been reinstated." My emotions are mixed because they never should have been removed.

I feel violated and might still move this blog to WordPress where arbitrary algorithmic or human censorship should never be a problem.


There are countless items to collect and write about. Black dolls chose me.

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  1. I saw this post awhile back and was hoping at some point I could respond. I have had something similar happen to my blog a couple of times. Blogger didn't take anything down, however, a couple of my readers wrote me via my FB page to tell me they had encountered a warning when they went to a certain page. I really don't understand why Google isn't stepping in to help out since they are the ones providing the platform while I supply the content. In any case, on a regular basis, I download a copy of each post and store it offline. So whenever there is any sort of problem, I simply delete what's there, then paste a new copy of the text with new copies of the photos. If necessary, I'll back date the post (I keep a list of every post with publication dates). On the other hand I get these messages from Google siting problems I need to fix on my page. Since I'm not a programmer, I haven't a clue.

  2. It's a very good idea o download a copy of your Blogger content, April. I need to begin doing that. I felt so hopeless for the few hours that my "innocent" posts were removed. After they were restored, Blogger left them in draft mode. I had to republish everything, but at least the content was still there.

    It is obvious that there are algorithms or other artificial intelligence in control of monitoring our content. Surely humans cannot be that stupid to flag content about dolls as offensive. I've also received notices that some of my blogs need to be fixed without them pointing out what needs to be fixed. I used to try to figure out the problems, but now (since they do not delete that content), I just ignore those notices. I have never encountered issues like this with my Wordpress site, which is why I was seriously thinking about moving this blog there.

    I guess I will tough it out here for a while and begin backing up everything. Thanks for the suggestion.



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