Monday, November 13, 2017

Doll-size UgLy Christmas Sweaters

I ordered two sets of these ugly Christmas sweater ornaments from the Animal Rescue Site in hopes that they will fit petite Barbie or other similar-size dolls.  The price when ordered of $4.99 was reduced from $14.95 (the buy link is near the end of this post).  They are described as:

  • Set of 2
  • Wool
  • 3" L x 7.5" W (7.6 x 19.1 cm)
  • Handmade in & fairly traded from Nepal

Modeling Christmas sweater ornaments from various sources:  (in back, L-R) Nikki's sweater is from  Dasia and Anika's sweaters are from a local Michaels store, and (seated) Goddess Emerald's sweater is from
To size-compare these with others, I measured a couple of past Christmas sweater ornaments by different makers (shown above) that do fit Barbie (with width being across from end-to-end of outstretched sleeves).  Their measurements follow:

  • The ones purchased from Michaels in 2015 measure 4" L x 9" W -- they run a little large on Barbie but fit nicely on Big Beautiful Doll Dasia. 
  • The ones purchased from Christopher and Banks in 2015 and 2016 measure 3-1/2" L x 7-1/2" W.

Based on this comparison, the most recently ordered ones from the Animal Rescue Site might run a little short on regular height and tall Barbie.  Petite Barbie and even smaller dolls should be able to wear them.  I will know after they arrive.  Here is the buy link:

I will write a followup post after they arrive if any of my dolls can wear these (keeping my fingers crossed they can).  If not, their intended purpose (as ornaments or gifts) is a suitable option.


At the link, see what's in stock at Christopher and Bank for 2017:

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  1. OMG! These are fabulous! I had forgotten the annual ugly sweater fashion parade! I’m actually a bit of a fan of Nikki’s rather tasteful white (we’ve established my love of winter white). But I have to give the Christmas corenet to Dasia you can’t go past a Christmas wreath and in a non-traditional blue the perfect twist on a holiday favourite. 😜🎄

    1. Hi Julius,

      Nikki does look great on winter white and Ms. Dasia in blue loves it.

      I didn't redress any dolls in last year's sweater purchase. I plan to at least check out the fit of the sweaters from Michaels on a Curvy Barbie or two. Since these fit Dasia, they should fit Curvy Barbie. 🎄🎁


  2. I saw the ones in Michael's. I forgot about poor Dasia...going back to get her one!


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