Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Kwanzaa 2010!

KWANZAA is derived from the Swahili word, Kwanza (note the original spelling contains only one "a"), which means first fruits.  The African American holiday, Kwanzaa (with two A's) is a celebration of family, community, and culture.  It begins on December 26 and ends  January 1 each year. 

This blog focuses on images and links to Kwanzaa dolls and additional Kwanzaa information. 

Festivals of the World Kwanzaa Barbie with Kwanzaa Keeya

Kwanzaa Keeya

 Possible Dreams Kwanza Santa (includes dashiki and kufi-clad lad who lights the fourth kinara candle)

Nomsa Celebrates Kwanzaa by Madame Alexander looks quite elegant in gold lamé gown with earth tone coat and head wrap.

One of my favorite Mahogany holiday greeting cards features a trio of angels wearing Kente cloth-trimmed gowns.  One angel has a crooked halo.

Kwanzaa Links:
Doll Shopping for Kwanzaa
Kwanzaa Paper Dolls
The Official Kwanzaa Website
Robert Tonner's 15-inch vinyl Kwanza doll from 1997


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