Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday's Child, A Gift from Me to Me

Meet Monday's Child Daria sculpted by Dianna Effner in 2008 for Boneka Puppenmoden GmbH.  This German manufacturer is well known for their fine doll fashions and accessories.

I fell in love with Daria during the first quarter of this year after first viewing images of Indonesian twins offered on eBay that use the same sculpt.  I postponed Daria's purchase until I found my gift to me priced lower than retail.

My little girl arrived this past Friday along with her certificate that indicates she is number 14/100.  The certificate informs:

We are proud to deliver your healthy new doll in an unbleached cotton bag.  She has been spared from the usual chlorine-laden shipping box and solvent-based printing inks and packaging materials.

When she is not on display you can maintain her good health by storing your doll in this original chlorine and solvent-free bag.  Lavender will help keep moths and other insects away.
Daria's too beautiful for me to store away.  I love her adorable face (the Monday's Child sculpt) and her warm brown complexion.  Some websites identify her as Indonesian, but the merchant from whom I purchased ethnicized her as "Black." 

Daria wears a white linen dress with attached cotton lining, the hem of which is bright green as are her underpants. The dress is hand painted with a wild flower motif that includes two rabbits.  I had to really look to locate the rabbits (they're attempting to hide).  The dress ties at the shoulders.  White anklets and green shoes that match the hem of the lining and underpants complete her outfit. 

Daria has painted brown eyes and a black, straight-with-bangs synthetic wig.  She stands the perfect size, 10 inches. 

Indonesian, African-American, Black, whatever Boneka's intention was for her ethnicity, I-love-this-little-girl!


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