Thursday, December 16, 2010

Four Words: They Got It Right!

The above image is an actual photograph of Franklin Mint's Michelle Obama Official White House Portrait Doll, courtesy of fellow Black-doll enthusiast, Dawn Spears.

Dawn  also shared the image to the left, which compares the doll's sculpt with the official White House portrait of First Lady Michelle Obama (click the images to enlarge them in a new window).

I think Franklin Mint did an excellent job capturing First Lady Michelle Obama's likeness.  What do you think?


PS:  Dawn is also a Black Americana enthusiast/historian.  Visit her website.

Visit Franklin Mint's website for more information about the doll they got right!


  1. Right on! Right on target with the likeness although the complexion is a darker than the First Lady's.

    Applause for Franklin Mint!

  2. The owner of the doll confirms that the above images do not convey the doll's true complexion which is lighter. A recent auction on eBay used actual images, which better illustrate the doll's true complexion. Other than the pale pink lip color, I still think Franklin Mint did a fabulous job.



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