Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ken-Jacob, Ken-Darren, Ken-Ken Comparisons

Reader, what say you?  Do you think Denim Ken (left) from the Barbie Basics Collection 002 shares the same head sculpt as Mattel's Twilight Jacob (right)?

The following images are complexion comparisons between Denim Ken and So In Style Darren; Denim Ken and Bath-Play-Fun Ken; and a final image of the three together to illustrate their complexion variations.

Denim Ken, S.I.S. Darren

Denim Ken, Bath-Play-Fun Ken

L-R:  Denim Ken, S.I.S. Darren (redressed), Bath-Play-Fun Ken


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  1. I think there is a difference in the nose and the jawline, so it has to be a differnt face sculpt.I like the comparison to the other dolls. He is taller I can see. His eyes look hazel. The lip color looks good too. Sometimes on black males the lip color is off. I really want one now!

  2. Yup, when I first saw him up close I thought, they did an AA version of Jacob! But I totally love him though.

  3. Oh, I see the differences, too, now. The lips and nose are different. I like Denim Ken better.

    Thanks for these clear and detailed photos, Debbie.

  4. I agree with Ms. Leo, the jawline is too different. Denim Ken is awesome! I looked high and low for him yesterday. No luck. I guess I have to wait a few more weeks for the stores to put up the new line. I like that he is so different than the others. I like my S.I.S Darren too.

  5. Thanks for the photo comparisons Debbie. I want all 3 of these guys! I want Denim Ken first though. I do see a resemblance between DK and Jacob.

  6. Hi,Debbie!!

    Thanks For Show Me This Interesting Post Of Your Amazing Blog!!

    I love this new Jeans Boy!!
    I bought him and he must be arriving in the next three days...

    Well I think the face mold is similar but it's not the same for sure.
    The Ken Basic Jeans is a handsome male face.There is a harmony by the lines of the face.
    Jacob is a mistake of Mattel.
    The face is ugly and strange and keeps very far from the real face of the movie boy...

  7. What do you think about Bath-Play-Fun Ken, Jorge? Between his face sculpt/mold and Darren's, which do you like better?

    Congratulations on the Denim Ken... love him! Would love for his body to be articulated, however. He just stands there and looks good.


  8. I Love The Bath Fun Ken's Face!!
    But As I Say In The New Post On My Blog:


    I guess this Steven mold face takes his best version and harmony in the Darren S.I.S Doll Creation.

    Thanks For The Invitation To The Revelation New Post About The Afro Named KEN.I'll be there!!

    Hugs Darling!!

  9. Glad you like Bath-Play-Fun Ken. I had become pretty bored with the Jamal face. Darren was a nice new sculpt, now B-P-F Ken, and Denim Ken (my favorite) so far. I am looking forward to the articulated Basic dolls that will be released some time this year. I hope a dark skinned male will be included.



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