Monday, December 6, 2010

Country Miss Ginny - New Doll from Vogue Doll Company

Stock photo of Country Miss Ginny by Vogue Dolls

Authorized Vogue doll dealer, Judy McGrail, shared the above image of Country Miss Ginny, a newly released doll by Vogue Doll Company.  Country Miss uses the vintage Ginny mold.  If interested in adding this 7-1/2 inch (19.05 cm) toddler to your collection, please contact Judy

Scroll down a bit and take a look at other new dolls offered by Vogue here

Hint-Hint Vogue:  An AA Christmas Ginny is long overdue.  So please consider adding one to your line next year or at least an extra boxed Christmas fashion for collectors like me who enjoy redressing their dolls in themed fashions.  

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  1. I've already got that little girl on order.

    I like your idea for a AA Christmas Ginny.

  2. Congratulations, Betty! I'm sure you will love her.



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