Monday, December 26, 2011

Dolls for Christmas

This marks the first year in several past that I did not answer with the specific name of a doll when my daughter asked, "What do you want for Christmas?"  I asked for a camera instead, which I am going to return today at Daughter's suggestion.

After purchasing the basic Nikkon model I asked for (solely because of the price--didn't want her to spend too much), she said she read the reviews, which are not very favorable. After my tekkie son examined the camera, he agreed. So back to Target it will go today.

I took pictures with my on-its-last-leg Kodak Easyshare camera of the wonderful dolls and doll-related items that my best of best doll friends sent me as Christmas gifts this year.
This 2011 Barbie Ornament has since been added to my almost-Charlie Brown Barbie ornament tree.
Circa 1963 Effanbee Blue Bird had been on my wish list for a while.  I have the Girl Scout and the Brownie from the same period by Effanbee.  The AA Blue Bird is one of the hardest in this series to find. I've searched for quite a while.

Disney Store Exclusive Princess Tiana Fashion Doll and the Princess Tiana ornament
Tiana fashion doll, close up; she is gorgeous!
Close up of the Princess Tiana ornament, which has also been added to my Barbie ornament tree.

1998 reproduction of the1962 Barbie Silken Flame fashion -- I haven't determine which doll will wear it.  Until I do, I have it stored in my 1964 double-sided blue Barbie case.
Patsyette Christmas Gift Box Set -- the doll is a reproduction of the original 1931 Patsyette.
Finally, of the doll-related gifts (there were several non-doll related), is this Possible Dreams O Holy Night Santa -- doll friend knows this is the only Santa brand I will buy from here on out.  The facial sculpt is on point and the 10-inch size is not too intrusive. 

Thank you, Debra R.  You are the best!



  1. I love the Princess Tiana doll and ornament. I did not know about the ornament, so I have to go on a hunt for her. Thanks.

  2. I knew about the Tiana ornament and contemplated buying it for myself after seeing it recently at It must be sold out now because it is not included in the "Tiana" search results.

    I did not know about the lovely doll.


  3. Is it my imagination or did you get as many doll related items as say, I don't know, a 10-year old!? LOL! Such nice unique gifts. Congratulations.

  4. LOL! Hey, I can't help it if I'm a kid at heart and my friend knows this.

    She must be one too, because she received just as many doll-related items from me as a 10 year old.


    Only a doll collector knows how to buy for another doll collector.


  5. That is wonderful that you received dolls as gifts. That was very special of the giver. Very nice gifts by the way. I had never seen the Tiana ornament. I went to Hallmark today looking for the AA Barbie ornament and of course she was sold out. I always luck out on finding her eventually though.

  6. Thanks, Georgia Girl. I hope you're able to find the Barbie ornament for a good price.

    I purchased one for someone else on eBay in November and paid too much but I needed it for a gift exchange and was too lazy to shop for it locally.

    Did you receive the label?


  7. Ms. Debbie,
    I think it is time for me to hunt down the Princess Tiana Fashion Doll. Oh SHE is so BEAUTIFUL!

  8. Hi Sandra,

    The Princess Tiana Fashion doll is beautiful. I had no prior knowledge of this one before receiving for Christmas last year.

    I hope you're able to find it.



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