Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fighting Dolls? No, New Tonner Doll Dueling Site

Read about the new Tonner Doll Dueling (picture-sharing) site here.

Visit, vote, read the stats, and/or participate by entering your own Tonner dolls here.

(Let me know if you see familiar faces... vote!)


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  1. That was so much fun! I kept waiting for the end. I finally realized there is no end. Did you post 3 entries? They looked very familiar. I saw Esme, Friday Foster, and Friday Foster with Russell. Of course I voted for them. There were some real beauties in there. You made me want to pull out my 16" dolls and start playing. Oh goodness. I must stay focused. I was reminded how much I LOVE that Mei Li doll. I don't have her in my collection and will not be buying her!

  2. I think the site is fun, too, Vanessa. It's a cool way for collectors to share images of their dolls. There are some great photographers out there.

    I uploaded at least 10 photos, possibly more. Thanks for the votes.



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